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Good News – Google Launches Google Pay for Better Payment Mode

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 2nd, 2022
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Have your heard Google Launches Google Pay for Better Payment Mode!

Fast, simple, offers, one spot for purchases, payment modes, etc. all these are the ways that have been working to make the payment mode safer as well as simple for everyone. After knowing all the needs of users, Google has come up with Google Pay App for Android.

A Glance at What is Google Pay

Google Pay is a name given to an application that is an integrated edition of Android Application and Google Wallet for the Google online payment. Although this application will primarily utilize in shops, or even at the time of online shopping. Apart from this, users can simply do the peer-to-peer payment by using this application. Google Pay will soon be combined with the Google Chrome, Google Assistant, and with other Google products as well as services. All the Android devices (non-rooted) with KitKat or above editions are compatible to make the usage of this application. However, your smartphone even supports the NFC (near-field communication) as well as HCE (host card emulation) to run this application.


Resourceful Features of Android Google Pay

With each moment of the service, the new Google app will provide a glimpse of what it comes with. Out of which, some are discussed below:

  • Useful Information While Shopping

The new home tab of Google Pay will give the information, which is required while shopping- recent purchases, nearby stores, helpful tips, rewards, etc.

  • New Spot for Stuff

The Cards tab is a simple manner to save everything you require at checkout planned and at ready. It is where you save your cards, offers, loyalty programs, etc.

  • Speedy Way to Pay Fare

Utilize Google Pay on the transit in cities. Now, if you travel anywhere in your city, you can easily pay fare by using Google Pay. It securely pays the money without any issue.

  •  Security and Encryption

Just like other Google products, Google Pay has also come up with strong safety protections to secure your account or even your personal data from the security threats.

Final Words

Google has also proclaimed the promotional proposals for new users, which covers up an off on the movie tickets as well as grocery purchases. This application is integrated with specific popular services. It is likely to become more noticeable in the upcoming weeks. Whereas Google Pay is not going to be existing for the Indian users as Google has already launched Google Tez for the Indian market. However, the features of Google Pay will eventually be present to Tez users.