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How to Export Documents from PDF Portfolio Files to Local Storage ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Overview: Are you finding a solution to extract documents from PDF portfolio files ? Do you don’t find PDF Portfolio attach document in files ? Don’t worry!!! Here, you will get a simple way to out this situation. Read this post till to the end and download the recommended solution on your computer.

We all realize that there are countless PDF Portfolio attached documents that produce by many platforms. One PDF portfolio file can contain a huge number of documents. It is adaptable and versatile in nature, that is. You can without much of a stretch offer and access it on various platform and gadgets.

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But many platforms and gadgets are not supported with PDF portfolio files. So, we need to extract all of them from these types of files. There are many reasons why a user looks for a solution to extract documents from PDF portfolio files. Some of them are listed here:

  • The first and very common reason is not currently supported with the application or platform.
  • For sharing documents individually to another one from PDF Portfolio files.
  • Many clients attach multiple documents to a single file to save time and effort. So we need to split them into different document formats.

These are a portion of the common reasons. Presently we’ll view some client questions for having a better agreement in regards to this issue. Let’s see the user query:

Hi, I am working in an IT organization. For some tasks, I needed to extract documents from PDF Portfolio files. After some exploration, it appears to be that there is no manual method for this. That’s why I am looking for a solution to extract all Documents from multiple PDF Portfolio files at once ? If you have one of them, please suggest me.

Recommended Solution: PDF Portfolio Document Extractor

I would especially recommend the PDF Portfolio Document Extractor Wizard, which easily extract all attachments from PDF Portfolio Files. You can easily use this application to batch export documents from these files. Also, the solution can work on all your Windows Server machines and the latest OS editions – Windows 11. You can also change the location path easily.

Get the Application on Your Machine:

Download for Windows

Steps to Extract Documents from PDF Portfolio Files

  1. Download the solution on your computer.
  2. Select the PDF Portfolio files with dual way.
  3. Mark only those files which having documents.
  4. Set the path where you want to save output data.
  5. Start the process to extract documents from PDF files.

How to Use PDF Portfolio Document Extractor ?

Get the program on your computer and read the instructions.

Put PDF Portfolio files by using dual method of choice files.

Mark only the essential and those files which have the documents.

Set the location path by using the browse button.

Press the next key the start PDF Portfolio Document Extraction process.

When it did, go to the resultant location path.

Top Advantages of RecoveryTools PDF Portfolio Utility

  • Choose Multiple Files Which Having Documents:

If you have many PDF Portfolio document files. And want to extract all documents separately in a single process. Then don’t worry. This program gives dual options including batch or folder selection options. Now you can easily choose whole folder files at once.

  • Set Path Where You Want to Save Resultant Data:

A significant number of us are pained by many, numerous applications that main save the result at the default area. Yet, this application created remembering that gives the best way to save output at your location. Just change and browse the location path.

  • Windows Workable Solution:

PDF Portfolio Document Extractor by RecoveryTools is a totally Windows Supportable program. You can undoubtedly introduce this application on your Windows Server machines. Truth be told, it upholds every one of the most recent releases including Windows 11.

  • Simple Use Utility:

The stable and simple use solution by RecoveryTools provides easy to use platform. It gives a straightforward and simple to-utilize stage where you can undoubtedly finish your errand with practically no issues. A wide range of clients can undoubtedly deal with the solution without causing problems.

  • Demo Version Available:

You can also try this application trial or demo version to see how to extract documents from PDF Portfolio files. Also, using the free version you can understand the working process of this tool before purchasing the key.


To download documents from PDF Portfolio files, this article can assist you very welling. Here, we have explained a simple way to export all documents from PDF Portfolio files at once. This application is completely mechanized and works expertly. Henceforth, you need to attempt this device for finishing this job. Well. Also, for more help, you can contact the technical team.