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How to Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV File?

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Published On June 2nd, 2022
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Overview: In this article, you will learn how to Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV file. It is one of the best solutions to migrate Zimbra Server Address Book & Contacts to CSV file. You can do it with the help of a professional Zimbra Contacts to CSV Converter toolkit.

One of the finest ways to interact with Organizations is through email communication. There are many email clients which offer the users the to simply manage their mailboxes in a quick & simplified manner.

One such email client is Zimbra Desktop. ZCS is a complete collaboration package to manage your mailboxes. Apart from emails, a user can also manage their contacts & Address book details.

However, several users are facing issues while trying to Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV file. Here is one such query:

I want to export all users’ contacts (address book) in CSV format for migration. Zimbra runs on Ubuntu and I want to do it with CLI. How I should proceed? I looked at the options in the free Zimbra guide, but this is not for me.

Let me know if you want more information!

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Direct Solution:
Considering the issues by the users asked regularly, we have come up with a solution. You can export Zimbra Contacts to CSV file using RecoveryTools Zimbra Migration Tool. The utility will allow the users to migrate Zimbra Address Book to CSV file with all details. You do not need to have a Zimbra Desktop email client installed on your PC.

Download for Windows

Note: The free demo of this utility will only allow the users to migrate only a few Zimbra Address Book to the CSV file. You need to activate the software to convert unlimited contacts.

Quick Steps to Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV:

  • Launch the software & load Zimbra Mailboxes.
  • Preview all Zimbra contacts & attachments.
  • Select All contacts folders & click Convert.
  • From the Contacts tab, choose the Outlook Contacts option.
  • Set Output file location & click on the Convert button.
  • Check the output CSV files from the destination location.

Amazing Features of Zimbra Address Book to CSV Converter 

  • Load TGZ Files by Dual Ways:

This toolkit will enable the users to export Zimbra Mail contacts to CSV files in dual ways. It has Add Files or Add Folders option to do so. The Add Files option will allow the users to load Zimbra TGZ files one by one. While Add Folders option will enable users to load all the TGZ files from a folder. To support batch processing, you must choose Add Folders option.

  • Preserve All Zimbra Contact Attributes:

This toolkit will preserve all Zimbra Contacts attributes & properties during the migration. It will convert Zimbra address book details like First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Title, Job, Company, Department, Email Id, Contact Address, Business Address, Permanent Address, Postal Code, etc. It will not make changes in the original properties of Zimbra contacts.

  • Preview Zimbra Contacts & Attachments:

The Zimbra Address Book to CSV Converter tool will give users the option to preview the Zimbra Contact details. A user can read all the information of any specific contact by selecting it. Read all Zimbra Contact attributes like Full Name, Email, Company, Job Title, Web Page Address, Business Fax Number, etc.

  • Independent Zimbra Contacts to CSV Converter:

It is a completely standalone application to convert Zimbra Contacts to CSV file. You do not need to install the Zimbra Desktop email client on your machine. The overall working interface of this utility is very simple & user-friendly for all non-techie users.

  • Run Software on All MS Windows OS:

This toolkit is fully compatible with all the latest versions & editions of Microsoft Windows. You can run this software on all MS Windows devices i.e., Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

How to Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV File ?

  • First, you need to export all your Zimbra Contacts to the TGZ file. Follow these simple steps to do so

  • Launch Zimbra Contacts to CSV Converter tool in your Windows machine. Choose Migrate on-Premise Zimbra Server Mailboxes option.

Export zimbra contacts to csv

  • Read all the important instructions to use the software.


  • Load obtained Zimbra TGZ file from source file location. Choose Add Files or Add Folders option to do so

zimbra address book to csv

  • The utility will display all the Zimbra emails with preview functionality of emails, contacts, calendars & attachment files. Choose all the required Zimbra mailbox folders to export Zimbra contacts & address book.

  • Click on the Convert button, which will open a Saving Options…dialog box.
  • Choose the Contacts tab from here & then select the Outlook Contacts saving option.

  • Setup Zimbra Address Book to CSV options by changing the saving location from the default location.

  • Once you complete all the saving options, click on the Convert button to start the process. The utility will give you a live preview of the entire contacts conversion process.
  • It will display a confirmation message box with the status of the process. Click OK.

The After Work:

In the end, the utility will directly open the destination folder location. Check the obtained CSV file from there.
The process to migrate your contacts & Address Book from Zimbra to CSV is completed successfully.

Frequently Asked Queries

What is the utility of this application?

This utility can benefit a user in many ways like a user can take backup of Zimbra Contacts files to a universally supported contact format. The CSV file is compatible with a range of programs & applications including Notepad, WordPad, Excel, Outlook, Google Contacts, etc.

Can I use this toolkit on my Mac machine?

Unfortunately, No, the utility is only available for Microsoft Windows OS. However, our developers are continuously working to launch it soon on Mac OS also.

Does your software allow me to export Zimbra contacts with attachments to the CSV file?

No, the toolkit will convert only text components of Zimbra Contact files.

Do I need a Zimbra Email Client installed on my PC for the working of this tool?

No. It is a completely standalone application to export Zimbra contacts to CSV files without requiring Zimbra Desktop email client installation.


In this article, I had discussed one of the best solutions to migrate Zimbra Contacts to CSV files in a quick & simplified manner. You do not need to have any advanced technical knowledge to perform the migration.