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Guide to Convert Yandex Mail Emails to MBOX File

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 10-08-2021 ~ Cloud Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading

yandex mail to mbox converter

In this article, you will learn how to convert Yandex Mail emails to MBOX files. You can do it easily with RecoveryTools Yandex Mail to MBOX Converter software. It is the best solution available at present time. This toolkit will allow the users to create a universally supported MBOX file. Users can import this MBOX file into any of the email clients.

Yandex Mail does not have an option to export mailboxes to MBOX files. You need a professional toolkit to export Yandex emails to an MBOX file. Users can easily import these MBOX files in any of their email clients including Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mac Mail, Netscape, Evolution Mail, Eudora Mail, Opera Mail, Entourage, GNU, Mulberry, Mutt, etc.

Hi, can anyone tell me how do I export my Yandex Mail emails to the MBOX file? Look, we are a long-time user of Yandex Mail & now we want to use a desktop-based application for the management of our emails. My type of email client uses the MBOX format to import data. So, it is very crucial for me to convert Yandex Mail to MBOX format.

The above article is a very good depiction of why it is so important to convert Yandex Mail emails to MBOX. You can get the best solution from the below section:

Best Solution to Convert Yandex Mail Emails to MBOX

A user can easily export emails of Yandex Mail to MBOX file with the help of RecoveryTools Yandex Mail Backup Program. This application will provide users a direct option to load data from the Yandex webmail account. Users can save the resultant MBOX files at their desired location. It will not make any changes to the original information of mailboxes.

Users can free download the utility from the below button:

Download for Windows

Trial Limitation: A user can only convert the first 25 emails from Yandex Mail to MBOX file during the trial edition. So, if you want to export unlimited items, then you need to first activate this toolkit. The process to activate this software is very easy. Users can purchase the license of this software to get the activation keys.

Quick Steps to Export Yandex Mail to MBOX File:

  1. Run the tool & Enter Yandex Mail credentials.
  2. Choose only the required Yandex Mailbox folders.
  3. Select MBOX format from the saving list.
  4. Setup Yandex Mail to MBOX conversion options.
  5. Click on the Backup button & analyze the process.

Amazing Features of Yandex Mail to MBOX Converter

  • Exporting Multiple Yandex Email Accounts

The software allows users to export data from multiple Yandex email accounts at the same time. Simply paste all the details about your multiple Yandex email accounts into one CSV file. Therefore, upload the CSV file in the user interface.

  • 100% Safe & Secure Program

The software is a truly secure application that is certified by many users and professional institutions. It never blocks personal information and user credentials in a UI panel database.

  • Maintain the Original Folder Hierarchical

During the export process, the software removes an exact copy of the email folders. They preserve the originality of the hierarchical structure of mail folders during the migration process. Emails from any specific folder will transfer to the same folder in the MBOX file.

  • Fully Independent Solution

The software is a completely standalone solution for exporting emails from multiple Yandex email accounts in MBOX format. You do not need to log in during this process to download emails from Yandex in MBOX format.

  • Simple and Reliable Working Interface

The main advantage of this application is its user interface. Because there are a lot of people who don’t have technical knowledge. Therefore, the user interface of this application is very simple and consistent. Both types of users can easily use this app without any instruction.

  • Preserve Email Meta & Properties

When exporting emails from Yandex to MBOX, the software preserves the original email properties such as sender and recipient information, content, attachments, images, dynamic links, text format, etc. It will not make any changes to the user’s data while exporting Yandex Mail to MBOX file.

How to Convert Yandex Mail Emails to MBOX File?

A user can easily understand the complete working of this utility from the below button.

  • Install the Yandex Mail to MBOX export tool on your computer. It will ask the users to enter the login credentials of their Yandex Mail account in the software panel.
  • Provide the account login credentials of the Yandex Mail account including Username & Password.
  • The tool will list all the mailbox folders in the utility panel. Users can choose any of the desired mailbox folders according to your need.
  • Now, choose the MBOX option from the list of 30+ saving options.choose mbox option
  • Setup Yandex Mail to MBOX conversion options directly in the utility panel.setup yandex to mbox conversion options
  • Finally, click on the Backup button to quick start the conversion process. You can analyze the whole conversion process directly in the software panel.analyze yandex emails to mbox conversion process
  • Users can also get MBOX files directly from the output file location.access mbox files


This article will provide users a direct option to export Yandex Mail to MBOX format. It will create a universally supported MBOX file that users can open in any email client. It is a very user-friendly program. You can try the free edition of this utility that will allow users to convert only the first 25 Yandex Mail to MBOX format.