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How to Export Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra Desktop ?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On June 15th, 2022
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Overview: This write-up gives you a detailed method to learn how to export Windows Live Mail calendars to Zimbra Client. After reading this post you will learn the complete transfer process within few simple steps. A person can easily migrate calendars from Windows Live Mail to Zimbra using a professional way.

It is an honor to solve user issues related to different technologies. Are you one of the people who are using Windows Live Mail to save your important calendar information ? And do you want to learn the method to migrate Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra platform ? If so, read the write-up till to the end.

As we know that Windows Live Mail has discontinued by Microsoft after the Windows Vista launch. Now, Windows Live Mail is available free for every user. That’s why it is one of the best email client applications for desktop users. But after 2012, Windows Live Mail has not got any updates. Therefore, it does not have the option to extract Windows Live Mail Calendar on another platform.

Understand the Requirement by A Query:

Dear Support Team, I was watching for a resolution to transfer Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra Desktop. I had around the next 5-year Calendar information that I wanted to export from Windows Live Mail. Also, while migrating Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra Desktop, the utility will maintain my all Calendar information including my notes. So, do you have any solution to move Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra client ? Please help me to resolve this issue.

Kamasito Ayaka

Best Solution for Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra Transfer Tool

To transfer Windows Live Mail Calendars to Zimbra, first, we need to trace the Windows Live Mail calendar files first. RecoveryTools Windows Live Mail Calendar Migrator delivers the ways to robotically locate the WLM Calendar files from default locations. It is a tested tool that provides a complete and safe conversion. The application allows you to export multiple Windows Live Mail Calendar files to Zimbra desktop at once.

Download from Here:

Download for Windows

How to Export Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra ?

  1. Run the program solution on your PC.
  2. Choose Auto-Locate and Manual selection options.
  3. Select required WLM calendar files in the interface.
  4. Pick Zimbra saving format in the list of file formats.
  5. Start transfer Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra Process.

Transfer Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra Desktop – Complete Guide

  • Firstly, run the program on your Windows & Server machine and read all instructions.

  • Choose the option to locate your Windows Live Mail Calendar files. You can manually select the WLCalendarStore.edb files with dual options.

  • Pick the mandatory calendar files from the list to transfer into Zimbra Client.

  • Select the Zimbra saving format from the list of file saving choices.

  • One can use the filter details to extract only the required Calendar details.

  • Start the process after clicking on the Next button.

  • When the process is completed, press the desire option in the panel.

Top Advantages of Migrate Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra Tool

  • Auto-Detect Feature:

The program provides an advanced option to automatically search your Windows Live Mail calendar data files. The utility will automatically load all Calendar files if you already configured Windows Live Mail in your system.

  • (Batch) Multiple Conversion Facility:

You can play out the conversion process of Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra desktop in bulk mode. The product gives double manual ways to load multiple calendar files at once.

  • Preserve Calendar Information:

The software allows you to convert Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra with all significant data. it maintains all details such as Location, Tasks, Appointments, Meetings, Subjects, Notes, Events, Start and End Timing of Meetings, etc.

  • Standalone Utility:

It is an unrelated application that does not require the connection of any kind of application. Also, the software required only WLCalendarStore.edb files.

  • Advance Filter Options:

Also, the program deals with the littlest requirements of the clients while moving Calendar records. The program offers various alternatives to separate just required information from WLM Calendar documents to Zimbra by date range, by subject, and so forth.

  • Compatible with All Microsoft Platforms:

The product supports all versions of the Server and Windows operating systems. Windows 11 is also supported with this application. Also, you can easily install this application on x64 bits of OS.

Frequently Asked Queries

What is the default location of Windows Live Mail Calendar files ?

For Windows XP and older editions

  • “C:/ (Document and Settings) / (user name) / (Local Settings) / (Application Data ) / (Microsoft/Windows Live Contacts) / [Guid] / DBStor ”

For Windows 7 and Earlier Version

  • “C:\ Users \ <user name> \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Live Mail”

Does the software allow me to import WLCalendarStore.edb to Zimbra without Windows Live Mail Client ?

Yes, the software works with a standalone interface. There is no need to install the Windows Live Mail application on your system.

Can I migrate selected Windows Live Mail Calendar information to Zimbra Client ?

Yes, the software provides several filter options to extract Windows Live Mail Calendar data by date range, by subject, etc.

Final Words

In this post, we have clarified the complete method to migrate Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra Clients. Here, we use a third-party application name is Windows Live Mail Calendar Migration by RecoveryTools. The software provides a direct way to move Windows Live Mail Calendar to Zimbra desktop. It is a Windows-based application that supports all variants of Microsoft Windows Applications. Also, the company also offers a test version of this application to migrate a few calendar information to Zimbra client. You can test the trial edition without any payment.