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How to Export Windows 10 Mail to Zimbra Desktop ?

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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Synopsis: Do you have necessity to export Windows 10 Mail to Zimbra Desktop? Or do you have Windows 10 Mail VOL mailbox files and want to open them into Zimbra client? If your response is YES! Understand the complete guidance to perform the task. It is not a simple procedure, that is why we need a professional method.

Windows 10 includes new default applications that are built into the OS. Known in the past as Current or Metro applications, the organization is currently calling them “comprehensive apps” because they will work identically on all new Windows OS devices.

The Windows 10 Mail app comes preinstalled with Calendar on all Windows 11 Operating systems. It is actually part of the free version of Microsoft’s Office mobile productivity suite. But it is called Windows Mail App on Windows 10 PC of desktop machines. One can easily find this on Windows Store.

Understanding this Issue from User Query

“Hi, I’m Jennifer from Nevada USA. I am using Windows 10 Mail App to access my personal Gmail account. For some important work, I prerequisite to export Windows 10 Mail App to Zimbra Desktop. For this, I was observing for an answer on the internet, but I couldn’t find any way for completion of this task. Does anybody know how to export windows 11 mail to zimbra? Please help me if you know this process and suggest a complete solution.”


In this article, we will explain the complete way to migrate Windows 10 Mail Emails to Zimbra Desktop. The software allows you to directly transfer emails from Windows 10 Mail to Zimbra client. One of the best parts of this application is that the Windows 10 Mail app can automatically detect mailboxes in the software. So, without any complications, you can convert Windows 10 Mail emails to Zimbra TGZ format.

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The Best Solution – Windows 10 Mail to Zimbra Migration

To solve the issues, you need to use RecoveryTools Windows Mail App Migrator. Because there is no way to convert Windows 10 Mail to TGZ format manually. The software also offers dual selection options to choose multiple Windows 10 Mail VOL files at once. After completing the process, you can easily access your all email from Windows 11 Mail to Zimbra Desktop. The software supports all Microsoft Windows machines.

Download from Here:

Download for Windows

How to Export Windows 10 Mail to Zimbra ?

Follow the given steps to know the complete process: –

  1. Install the product on your machine.
  2. Select 10 Mail App mailbox with two selection modes.
  3. Pick the required Mail App folders to import into Zimbra.
  4. Mark the Zimbra option and set the location path.
  5. Click on the button to export 10 Mail App to Zimbra.

Steps to Convert Windows 10 Mail App Emails to TGZ For Zimbra

    1. Complete the installation procedure or start the product and see the instructions.
      install appliaction to export windows 10 mail to zimbra
    2. It has come with auto-select mode and you will also use manual options to choose Mail App VOL Files.
      select files or folder option
    3. When the selection procedure is done, you have to choose the profile folders in the panel.
      preview option
    4. The product gives 25+ saving options, here you need to pick the Zimbra option.
      convert Windows 10 Mail to PDF
    5. It has provided a large number of filter modes that export only required data from the mailboxes.
      advance filter option
    6. The resultant path can be chosen by any user by clicking on the search icon folder button.
      save output data of windows 10 mail to zimbra
    7. After complete the process, the software pop-up a completion box.
      Windows 10 Mail to zimbra procedure completed

Windows 10 Mail to Zimbra Wizard – Benefits & Its Features

      • Keep Folder Hierarchy Structure:

While the exporting process, the software maintains the Windows 10 Mail App folder hierarchy structure. So, you will get the same folder structure after complete the process.

      • Automatically Detect Mail App Profiles:

The product gives the option to pick Windows 10 Mail mailbox automatically. After picking the auto-detect button, the product will start searching the Windows 10 Mail App VOL mailbox files on your computer.

      • Dual Selection Options:

If you don’t have Windows 10 Mail App installation on your computer. Or you want to convert Mail App *.VOL files, then the product gives manual options. These options will allow you to select VOL files manually with Select Files or Select Folders options.

      • Retains Email Properties:

The product has provided the best benefits to its users who can easily move from Mail App to Zimbra. During the process, there are no chances to lose email elements & properties. Because it keeps emails, attachments, email addresses, subjects, hyperlinks, images, etc.

      • Advanced Filter Options:

The program deals with the smallest requirements of customers when transferring Mail App Emails to Zimbra. The program offers various options to separate required information from Windows 10 Mail App emails by date range, subject, and so forth.

      • Simple and Consistent Interface:

It is not mandatory that you come from a technical background. This is the reason behind the simple user interface of the application. It gives a simple standalone platform where you can easily export Windows 10 Mail to Zimbra TGZ format.

    • Support All Microsoft Windows:

Use this application product on your all Windows and Server machines. It is supported by all of you Windows Desktop, Workstations, and laptop machines. You can also use this application on the x64 edition of Windows OS.

Common FAQs

How can I export Windows 10 Mail emails to Zimbra ?

Follow the step-by-step process to complete the process: –

  1. Run the software on your Windows PC.
  2. Select the Mail App mailbox with dual options.
  3. Choose the required email folders in the list.
  4. Select the Zimbra option and select the destination path.
  5. Click on the next to export Mail App to Zimbra Desktop.

Can I export the required emails from Windows 10 Mail to Zimbra Desktop ?

Yes, the program comes with multiple filter options to export Mail App to Zimbra client.

Does the software maintain Windows 10 Mail App emails during the process ?

Yes, during the process the software keeps email properties of Windows 10 Mail App emails.


In this post, we have depicted the complete answer to your queries related to export Windows 10 mail to Zimbra. Users who were facing issues in performing this task can go through this informative write-up. Here, we have given a flawless solution to transfer emails & contacts easily. So, download the product on your computer. For any queries, contact the technical team.