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Quick Guide for Windows 10 Mail to Office 365 Migration

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Are you looking for an easier way to export Windows 10 Mail to Office 365? If yes, then don’t worry. Here we will provide you with the best solution to migrate your Windows Mail App to O365 with complete mailbox items.

The present era is all about the migration to cloud-based services. There are plenty of users who have plans to migrate their mailboxes from Windows 10 Mail app to Office 365. These users are asking regularly on various forums. Here is one such query.

Hey, I was using the Windows 10 Mail app. But now I have issues with my Windows operating system. Therefore, I just reinstalled my Windows 10 operating system. But before I reinstall the OS, I need to migrate the Windows 10 Mail App to an Office 365 account. Does anyone know how to export Windows 10 Mail to Office 365 account?

I had searched for a manual solution for Windows 11 Mail Export to an Office 365 account. But they did not give you 100% data security. If you want to convert the Mail app to Microsoft 365 without any loss, you need to use a third-party tool.

A Smart Way to Export Windows 10 Mail to Office 365

To move the Windows 10 Mail App to O365, you need to use Smart Solution RecoveryTools Windows 10 Mail Migrator. This utility is capable of preserving all your email components & properties. A user only needs to enter the login credentials of their Microsoft Office 365 account. To work with this software, users do not need technical knowledge.

You can get the setup of this program from the buttons below:

Download for Windows

Free Trial Limitation: The utility is also available for free to use to test its functionality. During the trial edition, a user will only convert the first 25 emails from the Windows 10 Mail app to an Office 365 account. However, if a user wants to export all the emails from the Windows Mail App to a Microsoft O365 account, then you need to first activate this tool.

Follow these quick steps to understand the whole process:

  1. Run the utility on your Windows computer.
  2. Load Windows 10 Mail profile data with Dual Selection Mode.
  3. Choose all or only the required Windows 10 Mail folders.
  4. Select the Office 365 option from the list of saving formats.
  5. Click on the Convert button to start & analyze the process.

Advanced Features of Tool

  • Automatically load Data from Mail Profile

    The software offers a special option to automatically load Windows 10 Mail data. It will automatically detect the default folder location of your Windows Mail Profile, but you should have Windows 10 Mail client installation in your program to enable this option.

  • Dual Data Selection Mode

    The software also offers dual manual selection options for multiple Windows 11 Mail profiles. The “Select Folders” option allows you to select multiple profiles at once. While you can also choose the “Select Files” option to choose only specific data according to your needs.

  • Apply Filters to Export Selective Data

    The software provides various filtering options to manage the resulting data as you wish. Users can apply these filter settings on the basis of several filters’ settings i.e., Date Range, To, From, or Subject of your email.

  • The On-Disk Folder Hierarchy of Mailboxes Remains Intact

    The Windows 10 to Microsoft 365 migration tool provides options for maintaining the hierarchy structure of internal folders. You will receive an exact copy of your Windows 10 Mail data.

  • 100% Secure Application for Windows

    The software comes with a 100% secure working interface. When switching from the Windows Mail App to MS Office 365, the software never stores user credentials in its database. A user can run this program on all the latest versions & editions, including Windows 11, for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

How Do I Export Windows 10 Mail to Microsoft Office 365?

A user can easily export Windows 11 Mail data to Office 365 account. Just follow these simple steps to understand the whole process.

  • Install & run the Windows 10 Mail Converter to Office 365 tool on your Windows computer.

    export windows 10 mail to office 365

  • You can load single or multiple Windows 10 Mail data sets in the utility panel in two ways. It also allows users to convert configured Windows 10 Mail App mailbox data.

    automatically loas windows mail data

  • Now, the software will display a list of all the mailbox folders in its panel. You can choose all or only the required folders from here.

    choose windows mail data

  • Now, select the Office 365 option from the list of saving options.

    choose Office 365 option

  • You can also apply filter settings to move only selective data from Windows 10 Mail to Microsoft Office 365.

    apply filter option

  • Once you provide all the login credentials for your Office 365 account, click on the Next button.

    login Office 365 credentials

  • Users can analyze the whole conversion process in all its details.

    live conversion export windows 10 mail to office 365

  • In the end, when the conversion process is completed successfully, the tool will pop-up a confirmation message box. Click here on the OK button.


1. Can I run this software on the Windows 11 OS ?

Yes, the software supports all versions of Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and all below versions.

2. Can I use this tool to sign in to my Office 365 administrator account and migrate selected user data?

Yes, you can choose a special option to migrate data to your Office 365 administrator account.

3. How many Windows 10 Mail profiles are transferred to Office 365 in one process?

The software offers a dual selection mode for selecting multiple profiles of an e-mail application at the same time. Therefore, there are no restrictions during the migration process.


In the article above, we explained the complete process of migrating Windows 10 mail to an Office 365 account. If you want to transfer emails from the Mail App to O365, use the recommended solution. This program will provide users with a direct option to convert their Windows 10 Mail emails to Microsoft O365.