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How to Convert Mailbird Contacts to vCard Format ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On August 24th, 2022
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This post gives you a complete method of how to export Mailbird Contacts to vCard file format. Many programs and devices only support vCard format for importing and exporting contacts. Once you get the vCard file, you can easily import Mailbird contacts to any platform.

With the current advancements in innovation, especially with the increasing readiness capabilities of cell phones, there is a dire need to allow data sharing for your gadgets.

It is not a secret that nowadays contact is important and necessary for every user. But exporting contacts from email client applications to other platforms is not an easy task. Most of the time we lose the properties of contacts during these types of processes.

Reasons to Export Mailbird Contacts to vCard File

Hello! I am using the Mailbird email client application to manage my online email accounts on a local desktop computer. It is one of the best email clients to provide many contact management facilities.

I have stored 1000+ contact information in my Mailbird client. I want to export Mailbird contacts to vCard format for my Android phone.

My contact information is very important to me. That is why I am looking for a solution that exports Mailbird contacts with protected properties.

Please suggest to me a solution that extracts contacts from Mailbird to VCF format, which will help me to do so.

Easy to Use Solution: Mailbird Contacts Converter

We suggest you to first you need to download this application on your computer. RecoveryTools Mailbird Migrator tool allows you to export Mailbird Contacts to vCard or CSV format. The software automatically detects your Mailbird profile at once. So that, you can easily export your Mailbird data without any problem. Once you get the contacts as vCard file, you can easily export Mailbird contacts to Android, Mailbird contacts to Google Contacts, Mailbird contacts to iPhone, etc.

Free download the software with the below button:

Download for Windows

How to Export Mailbird Contacts to vCard Format ?

As we know, VCF or vCard files are used to share and store contacts. Using the vCard file, we can easily import Mailbird contacts to multiple devices such as Android, iPhones, etc.

To convert Mailbird contacts to vCard format, you need to download the RecoveryTools solution on your Windows computer. Thereafter, follow the given steps to extract contacts from Mailbird email client: –

  • In the first step, you need to install or launch the software on your desktop.

  • Then, the software provides two options to select multiple Mailbird profiles simultaneously. You can also choose the auto-detect option to automatically load your Mailbird data into the software.

  • After that, you need to choose only the contacts folder from the list.

  • Now, choose the vCard or CSV option in the list of file saving options.

  • To save the resulting data to the user’s choice, choose the destination location path.

  • Finally, hit on the enter button to export Mailbird contacts to vCard format.

  • In the end, the software will generate a popup to inform you that the process is complete.

Advantages of Mailbird to vCard Contact Exporter Tool

  • Dual Options to Choose Mailbird Profiles Manually: The program gives you two options to choose multiple Mailbird mailboxes at once. These options are helpful when you export contacts from old Mailbird data.
  • Detect Mailbird Mailbox Automatically: You can also use the advance option to automatically find your Mailbird profile in the user interface. But this option will only work if you have already installed or configured your Mailbird email client.
  • Export Mailbird Contacts to Multiple Platforms: The software allows you to export Mailbird contacts to vCard or CSV format. So that, you can easily share your Mailbird contacts to multiple platforms such as Android, Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live Mail, etc.
  • Maintain Contact Properties: While exporting contacts from Mailbird, the software maintains all contact properties such as title, contact number, image, addresses, email, etc.
  • Freedom to Choose Resultant Location: You can easily change or choose the destination location path according to the user requirements. The software by default selected the desktop location to store your resultant data in an easier place.
  • All Time Support Available: The RecoveryTools support team available 24x7x365 days a year. If you have any queries, then contact us via chat or email anytime easily. And will resolve your queries within few minutes.
  • Install on All Windows OS: The program supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems. You can easily install this application on all Windows Server editions also. The software works on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Server 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.

Common Asked Queries

Can I convert Mailbird contacts to Google contacts format ?

Yes, the software allows you to export Mailbird contacts to vCard format, supportable for Google Contacts.

What is the difference between the demo and License version of RecoveryTools Mailbird Contacts Converter ?

The demo edition of this application can only export few contacts from the Mailbird client. For an unlimited conversion process, you need to purchase the licensed edition of this tool.

Can I install this application on my Windows 10 x64 bit computer ?

Yes, the software works on all Windows OS and x86 or x64 bits of version. So, you can install this application without any issues.

Does the software allow us to transfer Mailbird contacts to Outlook ?

Yes, you can use this solution to transfer Mailbird contacts to CSV or PST format. So, you can easily move Mailbird contacts to Outlook without any issues.


In the above write-up, we have explained the way to export contacts from Mailbird to VCF file format. If you want to share your Mailbird contacts with your Android, iPhone, and other applications or platform, then download the recommended solution. The software works on all Windows computers as well as Server machines. Also, you can chat with us if you have any issues with the software and its process.