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How to Transfer Hotmail Emails & Contacts to iCloud? Complete Solutions

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On March 19th, 2024
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Are you intending to transfer Hotmail to iCloud accounts including emails and contacts? If your answer is Sure, then you are at the right place. Here, we will learn the complete process using expert solutions with complete information and step by step guide to syncing Hotmail contacts with iCloud.

Hotmail email service has been relaunched as Outlook.com. But some users like me still use the email address @ Hotmail.com in Microsoft webmail. After so many updates and features, Hotmail can’t meet users like me. So, I decided to move Hotmail contacts to iCloud accounts.

However, iCloud is Apple’s flagship cloud storage platform, which provides seamless integration with all Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, etc. One can easily access an iCloud account on Mac through Apple and Mac mail clients. Also, you can use iCloud on Windows by using Outlook and other email client applications.

To transfer Hotmail contacts to iCloud, first I looked for manual techniques. I found some systems, still, they are not reliable. Thus, manual conversation is not a good decision to accomplish this task. I tried to transfer some messages from Hotmail to iCloud and it’s stuck at the center.

So, I need a professional way to move Hotmail to iCloud with all mailbox emails and contacts. Here, we will explain the techniques to sync Hotmail contacts with iCloud. But before that, look at user issues first.

Reasons to Move Hotmail to iCloud Account

Hotmail.com is a professional & free webmail service that is provided by Microsoft. It will help the users to work & save all your important data in a much easier way. Some of the top reasons to transfer Hotmail to iCloud with all emails and contacts are below:

  • Tight Apple Ecosystem Integration: iCloud Mail integrates seamlessly with other Apple services like Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, and Notes. This creates a smooth workflow for Apple users across their devices.
  • Free Storage for Backups: iCloud offers 5GB of free storage, which can be used to back up your device data, including photos and documents, in addition to email.
  • Focus on Privacy: Apple prioritizes user privacy. iCloud Mail avoids scanning emails for targeted advertising.
  • Native Mail App on Apple Devices: Apple devices come pre-loaded with the Mail app, which is specifically designed to work with iCloud Mail. This can offer a more optimized experience compared to using the Outlook app on an iPhone or iPad.

Professional Solution to Transfer Hotmail Emails & Contacts to iCloud

Transfer Hotmail Emails and Contacts to iCloud is the best single professional tool that can move your Hotmail emails and contacts to iCloud without any loss in one go. The name of this tool is RecoveryTools Hotmail Backup Wizard, with the help of this software you will complete this task in a few minutes without anyone’s help. You also get advanced filter options in this software, with the help of which you can transfer data according to a specific date range.

Before using this software, let us tell you some things which you have to keep in mind at the time of conversion. Now we will describe the process of this software in the next part but we will describe it in two parts. In the first process, we will know the process of transferring complete mailbox emails of Hotmail to iCloud, after that we will know the process of moving Hotmail contacts to iCloud with the help of this software.

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Detailed Steps to Transfer Hotmail Emails to iCloud

  1. Get and put Hotmail to iCloud migration tool on your Workstation computer.

    tool to convert Hotmail to PDF

  2. Enter the details of your account in the software interface and hit the Login button.

    login details of the Hotmail

  3. Select the required folders or subfolders from the software panel.

    required folders

  4. Click on the Select Saving Option and choose IMAP as the saving option.

    saving option

  5. Next, apply the advanced features from the Filter Options tab to transfer Hotmail to iCloud selectively.

    advanced features

  6. Enter the login credentials of the iCloud account including email address and passwords with Server name– mail.me.com, and Port No.– 993.

    login credentials

  7. Click on the Next button to start the Hotmail to iCloud Migration process.

    Hotmail to iCloud Migration process

Complete Process to Move Hotmail Contacts to iCloud

  1. Download and Install the above-mentioned tool on your Windows or Mac machine.
  2. After that, Enter the details of your account and tap the Login button.
  3. Now, choose the Contact folder on the left side of the software panel.
  4. Thereafter, choose the vCard option on the saving option list.
  5. Finally, choose the desired location and then tap the Backup button.

Import Output Files into iCloud Account

  1. To begin, log in to your iCloud device on your computer.
  2. To move Hotmail contacts to iCloud, select the Contact option.
  3. Then, hit the gear button and select Import vCard.
  4. All Hotmail contacts stored as vCard or VCF files will begin importing to the iCloud device.
  5. Once the contacts have been imported, open the iPhone Settings app.
  6. Select your iCloud account by clicking on its name.
  7. Then, to transfer iCloud contacts to your iPhone, turn on the “Contacts” option.

Top Advantages of Hotmail to iCloud Migration Tool

  • The tool has an attractive and self-explanatory user interface panel. All the users, whether non-specialized or specialized, can utilize this program with no specialized direction.
  • This application is a professional utility that maintains all the email properties such as attachments, addresses (to, cc, bcc, from), subjects, and signatures when transfer Hotmail to iCloud.
  • In case you want to move multiple Hotmail account data into a single iCloud account, then you can choose the Batch option.
  • One can also select the Proxy Server option if they want to connect with a Proxy location or server.
  • The utility keeps up with the fitting Folder structure of the mailbox. Don’t lose any data during the process.
  • It is a completely secure utility that never stores your data inside the panel. It is 100% safe for any security issues.
  • The tool is compatible with all versions of the Windows & Mac operating system, including Windows 11, macOS X editions, etc.

Common Asked Issues

Ques 1: Can I use this utility to move the Microsoft @Hotmail.com account to iCloud Mail accounts?

Ans: Yes, the software allows you to move any @Hotmail.com account into iCloud without any issues.

Ques 2: Does the software keep email and contact elements during the Hotmail to iCloud transferring process?

Ans: Yes, it will retain all your email and contact elements during the Hotmail to iCloud Transfer process.

Ques 3: Does it work on my Mac laptop?

Ans: Sure, download the Mac version of this application on your computer.

Ques 4: Can I use it on my Linux Server computer?

Ans: No, the software only works on Windows and Mac computers.


After reading this post, you can learn how to transfer Hotmail to iCloud including contacts and emails. In this article, we have explained the detailed steps with complete information to move Hotmail emails and contacts to iCloud. If you follow all the steps without skipping any step, then we claim that you will complete this task very easily.

You can make this process much simpler with the Hotmail to iCloud Transfer tool developed by RecoveryTools. You can use this application on your Windows as well as Mac computers. for more information. Download the demo version or contact the technical support team.