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How to Export AOL Mail to EML? Powerful Solutions

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On January 15th, 2024
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Many users want to export AOL Mail to EML files. The article basically intends to simplify the process to convert AOL email to EML, transferring AOL emails from one Mail platform to another, or generating backups. So, let us begin reading the article to understand which is the easiest solution for exporting your AOL Mail into EML files.

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AOL or American Online is an internet services provider which was founded in 1983. The company is popular for dial-up internet services and is involved in offering email, instant messaging, news, etc. But why export AOL Mail to EML? If we talk about it’s email service, they are challenging to share to any other platforms.

For various purposes when an AOL user needs to share their AOL emails with their friends or colleagues on any other platform they face several challenges. Hence they look for a way to export their AOL emails to the most compatible file format EML which is universally supported and easy to share.

In this article we have explained the most secure and easy way to convert AOL email to EML step-by-step which is suitable for both beginners and experts. But first let’s talk about a few more reasons for exporting AOL mailbox to EML file format.

Why Export AOL Mail to EML?

  • EML files can be easily read by multiple email clients and platforms.
  • If you are switching to any other platform, converting AOL emails to EML files will allow you the smooth migration because of the compatibility.
  • EML files are secure file format, users can preserve their important AOL emails in EML file formats.
  • If you convert AOL emails to EML files, you can access them from anywhere without connecting to the Internet.
  • EML files are widely supported and easy to share with others across any platform.

Advanced Solution to Export AOL Mail to EML

There is no manual approach for downloading AOL emails in EML format but just like other professionals you can use the advanced tool. AOL Email Backup Software offered by the well reputed company RecoveryTools, is specially built to export multiple AOL Mail to EML file formats instantly without facing even a single challenge.

This advanced application saves your valuable time and effort while completing your task in no time. All you need to do is just install it and then quickly convert AOL email to EML. Moreover, there is a lot more that the software offers. Just read the features given below. But first let’s look at the steps.

How to Convert AOL Email to EML with Tool?

  1. Download the tool to export AOL Mail to EML then open it after the installation is complete. Export AOL Mail to EML
  2. From the Select Email Source option, choose AOL Mail and then enter your AOL login credentials such as your email and password. enter login details
  3. After entering your login details wisely, hit the Login button to access your AOL mailbox.Hit login button
  4. Now the software will analyse you AOL Mailbox and then preview the folders. You have to select the folders which you want to convert into EML.select required folders
  5. In the next step, move to the Select Saving Option and choose EML from the available options.Select EML
  6. After selecting your desired file format (EML), click on the Convert button to end the process.

What Does the Tool Offer?

The tool offers all you need to convert AOL email to EML. Just read the features mentioned below:

  • Convert your AOL emails in various file formats like CSV, MBOX, TXT, GIF, PNG, HTML, EMLX, and more.
  • Migrate AOL emails to several other platforms like Gmail, Office 365, IMAP, Hotmail, Live Exchange, Zoho Mail, and others.
  • Get rid of duplication AOL emails available in your mailbox and free up storage.
  • Saves time while converting your AOL emails into EML format quickly in bulk.
  • Exclude attachment option using which users can export only the emails.
  • Export AOL Mail to EML file format along with contacts, calendars, attachments in bulk.
  • Allows to migrate emails directly from AOL account just by using AOL login credentials.
  • When you back up AOL emails to EML format, the tool ensures your folders are organized and are in original format.
  • Move only the required folder as per your need rather than exporting the entire mailbox.
  • Users can download the tool in any Operating system they are having whether it is Windows or Mac including all versions.
  • Moreover, the software also offers a trial version to its users so that they can try it before purchasing. So download the free version of the tool and instantly export the first 25 emails from each AOL email folder.


Finally we completed reading the article, we hope now you can easily export AOL Mail to EML. While there is no manual way to convert AOL email to EML, we provided the most appropriate approach to accomplish this task using the advanced tool. This tool is recommended by the technical experts which offers several features to make the conversion process quick and easy.