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How to Export AOL Emails to MBOX? Quick Solution

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Rollins Duke
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Published On January 15th, 2024
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Are you an AOL email user looking to export AOL emails to MBOX or just want to keep a backup of your precious emails? We are here to help you! In this guide, we will provide you the complete process to Convert AOL email to MBOX format. You just need to follow the simple instructions to export all your AOL emails including complete information in MBOX format. So, let’s start to ensure that all your AOL emails are safely stored!

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Storing your data on a cloud server might not be the safest option. Things like account deletion, server crashes, or hacking attacks can make it tough for users to access their information. That’s why many users prefer moving from online services to desktop applications.

AOL, being a webmail service, isn’t exempt from issues like hacking or server outages. To keep your AOL account data safe, you can download your AOL emails onto your computer as MBOX files. This way, you not only protect your AOL account but also have a backup of your important stuff right on your own computer. Let’s know how you can save AOL mail to MBOX while saving time and without making an effort.

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Reasons to Export AOL emails to MBOX:

  • Keeps your emails safe from potential hacking and server problems that can happen with online services like AOL.
  • Allows you to access your emails even if your AOL account gets deleted.
  • By downloading emails as MBOX files, you create a backup on your computer, ensuring that your important data is always accessible and protected.

Most Convenient Way to Convert AOL Email to MBOX

Hence, there is no such manual method of downloading AOL emails in MBOX formats, but you can take help of the expert solution which provides the direct way to save AOL emails in MBOX format. The most advanced solution to export AOL emails to MBOX is AOL Email Backup Software provided by RecoveryTools. This is the ultimate software to convert the AOL emails into multiple file formats instantly along with contacts, calendars, and all the mail folders.

Quickly download the application for free and enjoy its trial version while converting your first 25 emails from each AOL folder without paying any amount. You can purchase the application to convert unlimited emails anytime you want. Find below how to use the tool.

How to Export AOL Emails to MBOX Directly in Bulk?

  1. To begin printing multiple AOL emails, download the mentioned tool onto your computer.Export AOL Emails to MBOX
  2. Once installed, select AOL as your email source and input your AOL login credentials carefully then Click the Login button to proceed.enter AOL login details
  3. The software will then display all folders within your AOL mailbox. Choose the specific folders you wish to convert as MBOX format.check folders
  4. In the drop-down list of Saving options, Select MBOX file format.Select MBOX
  5. Click the Browse button to designate a path to export AOL emails to MBOX.
  6. Finally, initiate the Converting process by clicking on Backup.

This step-by-step procedure ensures a quick and efficient conversion of your selected AOL emails, completing the entire process in just a few seconds.

Features of the Tool to Save AOL Mail to MBOX

The Software comes with some really useful features to help you to Convert AOL email to MBOX and keep your emails safe and organized:

  • You can back up and convert unlimited AOL emails at once without any hassle into multiple file formats.
  • The software is easy to use, designed for everyone, whether you’re an expert or just getting started.
  • You get to pick exactly which folders from your AOL mailbox you want to back up as per your
  • The software lets you export AOL emails to MBOX and in various other formats, so you can choose which formats suit best for your AOL emails.
  • It also lets you to migrate your entire AOL account to multiple other Webmail accounts.
  • Your AOL account stays safe, you just need to enter your login details to make sure it’s you.
  • You won’t have to wait long to have all your AOL emails securely saved on your computer in MBOX format.


Overall, above we explored the most intelligent way to export AOL emails to MBOX. So if you are looking for a secure method to Convert AOL email to MBOX format, our guide provides a straightforward solution. The recommended method involves using the Software by RecoveryTools to save AOL mail to MBOX in a hassle-free and efficient way. With features like bulk email backup, user-friendly interface, selective folder backup, and multiple saving options, this tool is the most convenient way to export AOL emails to MBOX, keeping your valuable data safe and accessible on your local computer.