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How to Download Facebook Messenger Conversation? Completely

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Rollins Duke
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Published On May 23rd, 2024
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Summary: Do you often face issues regarding how to download Facebook Messenger conversations? Well, don’t worry. To resolve your problems, we have summarized a comprehensive post summarizing the process of exporting the Messenger conversations.

In the modern age, the means of communication has become quite advanced. We can easily understand and observe the impact of different social media communication channels on our day-to-day lives. For example, Facebook, introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, has become one of the most widespread communication mediums in the present age.

When it comes to establishing personal or even professional communication, you can count on Facebook. Facebook Messenger is also one of the most instant Messenger communication mediums.

It facilitates chat, voice, and video communication. After visualizing the perks of using Messenger, many users often search for how to download Facebook Messenger conversation.

If you face issues downloading Messenger in the current scenario, don’t worry; we have prepared an exhaustive guide. Read the entire content to learn how to download this communication data from the Messenger application.

User Query: My name is Emily, and I have been using Facebook for a couple of years. I also use Facebook Messenger to establish instant communication with my friends and family. Due to some requirements, I searched for ways to download Facebook Messenger conversations.

In response to this user query, we offer top-notch ways to help you overcome the fuss you often face.

Simple Steps to Export Facebook Messenger Chat

  • Step 1: Install and start the solution on PC.
  • Step 2: Add your exported chat files/folders.
  • Step 3: Enable the box of needed folders.
  • Step 4: Select the desired saving option.
  • Step 5: Choose the path for saving data.
  • Step 6: Convert icon to download Facebook Messenger conversation

To know more about this solution, read the all mentioned information that is given below:

How the Users Download Facebook Messenger Conversation?

The users often want to download Facebook Messenger chat history for personal use. If you are also keen to know how diverse users worldwide can easily export Facebook Messenger chat, which format should you use? Let’s quench your curiosity first.

The Messenger chats will be exported in HTML and JSON formats; these complex technical formats are hard for the users to read. Therefore, users will find it highly problematic to extract their chat conversation or history manually. Let’s first go through these steps to learn more about manual methods.

How Do you Download Facebook Messenger Chats Manually?

  1. First of all, Enter your Facebook account credentials. Login to your Messenger account.
  2. Visit the Profile tab, click on it, and then choose the Settings Privacy option.

    download Facebook messenger chat history

  3. Select the Settings option from the list.


  4. Go ahead and select the Privacy option from the list that appears.


  5. After that, select the Facebook Information option.

    Your Facebook information

  6. Click on the Download Profile Information option from the screen.

    Download Profile Information

  7. Select the desired file formats to save the chat.
  8. You can choose from HTML or JSON format to save your chats.

    HTML and JSON

  9. After that, you can select the media quality that meets your requirements in this step.

    media quality

  10. Apply the necessary filters for the date range whenever you want to export these chats.

    date range

  11. Now, select the particular data that you wish to download. For chats, enable the Messenger option.

    needed data

  12. Click on Request a Download option.

    Request a Download

  13. Upon approval of your request from Facebook, the Download option will be visible in the available files option.


  14. Now, you can download the required chats using the Download button.
  15. A pop-up will appear now, asking you to enter your account password.
  16. Click on the Confirm Button.

    put the password

  17. A confirmation message will appear as soon as you hit the Confirm button.

    confirmation message

  18. Now, your Facebook Messenger chats will be saved in the ZIP format.
  19. Right-click on the File, and after that, choose Extract Here option to extract the file.

    Extract File

  20. You will see that all folders have been exported to the selected location.
  21. Now, open your chats by clicking on the Message folder.
  22. Go to your inbox folder and open it.
  23. You will find the chats with your family and friends here.
  24. Click on the required option to get a JSON file containing all the chats.

With all these steps, your chats will be saved in JSON format. However, this chat is not accessible to users. Therefore, to save your chats from unnecessary authorization, it is essential to make them easily accessible to users.

Consequently, you need to convert your JSON format to an easily accessible format. Following these steps, you can quickly recover and download Facebook Messenger conversation.

Also, there is no direct way to change your JSON format, so you should use the given solution below:

Professional Way to Export Facebook Messenger Conversation

It is best to use a professional utility in such a situation. It will help users batch export the Messenger chats. To instantly download Facebook Messenger conversation, you can use RecoveryTools Chat Converter Wizard. Also, this utility will help you export the messages instantly.

We are suggesting this tool because it is the only best solution available in the market to accomplish your task. Also, there is no need to purchase the complete key of this tool, you can try the free edition to understand the features.

How to Download Messenger Chat History to Readable Format?

  1. Firstly, download and Install the Chat Converter Wizard.

    tool to download Facebook Messenger conversation

  2. Now, upload the single or multiple folders using the Select Files or Select Folder option.

    single or multiple folders

  3. You will see that all the folders and sub-folders will appear on the software panel.

    folders and sub-folders

  4. Now, you can easily choose the needed data from here.
  5. Select the Saving Option to choose the required option per your need.

    required option

  6. After that, you will see that the professional software has selected the desktop location by default.

    desktop location

  7. If you want to save the converted file in a different location, click the Browse button and select the location.
  8. Lastly, hit the Convert button to download Facebook Messenger Conversation.

    download Facebook Messenger Conversation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q 1: How do I download a Messenger conversation as a PDF?

    Ans: To Export Messenger Conversation to PDF format, follow the given blog link.

  • Q 2: How to download Facebook deleted chat history?

    Ans: Ans: it is not possible to download Facebook deleted chat history.

  • Q 3: How do I open Messenger in my browser?

    Ans: You can open Messenger on your browser by following – https://www.messenger.com/.

  • Q 4: Where is the Messenger cache?

    Clear Messenger cache on Android

    1. Firstly, open your Android phone’s settings.
    2. Open Apps, and search Messenger.
    3. Click on the Storage and Clear Cache.
  • Q 5: What is chat history?

    Ans: Chat history means those chats or conversations that you have done with someone previously.

  • Q 6: Is it important to change JSON format to another readable format?

    Ans: It depends on your requirements, most users are required to convert JSON format into a readable file, because of the JSON technicalities.

The Nutshell:

So, you can use both manual and professional utilities to download Facebook Messenger conversation. However, when selecting the safest and the easiest method, no one can surpass the merits of professional software. Therefore, you need to approach a professional utility whenever you want to download the entire conversation. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.