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How to Download Emails from GoDaddy Webmail to Computer ?

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Published On June 3rd, 2024
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In this article, you will learn how to download GoDaddy emails to Computer. You can easily download emails from GoDaddy Workspace or GoDaddy Webmail to iPhone, Android mobile or hard drive. A large number of users are looking for a solution that will let them to download GoDaddy emails with all information. If you are also looking for a toolkit to download emails from GoDaddy workspace, then you are at the right place.

GoDaddy is an American Domain registration & hosting agency. It also offers a Business Email Service to manage users email resources. GoDaddy has a large base of customers all over the world having 20 million customers. Backup of your crucial information like Emails is great thing so that you can be certain about your data in case of any misshaping.

Best Solution to Download GoDaddy Webmail Emails to Hard Drive :

I have been looking for a perfect choice that will help me to take download GoDaddy Workspace emails to computer. I searched it on various forums & platform but didn’t find any satisfactory solution. Kindly suggest me a perfect solution that allows me to download GoDaddy emails to Computer or in Hard Drive. I will be very thankfully for all the help & assistance while doing so.

-Piyush Mehra, Global Tech PVT. LTD.

The best solution for downloading GoDaddy emails on local hard drive is RecoveryTools GoDaddy Backup Software. The application will provide users option to download GoDaddy emails to 20+ file formats & email formats. Also, it has the ability to migrate GoDaddy emails to another savings like Office 365 and more. This tool provides a large number of benefits that are provided with this amazing application. Some of them are listed below:

  • Preserve on-disk System Folder Hierarchy
  • Easy to Use & Simplified Working Progress
  • I am Admin option to Download Emails from GoDaddy Administrator Account
  • Batch Mode Enabled to Download Emails from Multiple GoDaddy Accounts
  • No Mailbox Size Limitation to Download GoDaddy Workspace Emails
  • 100% Safe & Secure Tool to Save GoDaddy Emails Locally
  • Advanced Filters Settings to Save Selected GoDaddy Emails
  • Download Emails from GoDaddy Cloud to Local Hard Drive
  • Completely Standalone application without requiring Outlook Installation

As from above, we can easily understand that it is the best solution to save & download emails from GoDaddy Webmail to Computer.

How to Save GoDaddy Emails from Webmail ?

The overall working of this software is very fast, easy & accurate. You can download all the emails from GoDaddy Webmail account to local storage just by following these simple steps:

  1. Launch the GoDaddy Backup utility on Windows and select a source from GoDaddy Email, GoDaddy Office 365, and GoDaddy Exchange Server.how to download godaddy emails to computer
  2. Select Advance Batch Mode option to back up multiple email accounts at once.how to download emails from godaddy webmail
  3. Enter your GoDaddy email account credentials in the interface.how to download emails from godaddy workspace
  4. Select the desired e-mail folders from the list to download emails.select email folder
  5. Choose the desired file saving option from the list. You can determine here in which file format you want to store GoDaddy emails.saving option
  6. Downloading process of GoDaddy emails from Webmail to Local has been initialized.process started
  7. The downloading of GoDaddy emails process is completed successfully in minutes.process completed

As from above steps, it is sure that taking backup of GoDaddy emails & downloading them on Computer from Webmail is a very simplified process. All thanks to this state-of-the-art software by RecoveryTools.


I do not understand how can I share my happiness. I was using GoDaddy Mail Hosting Service from last three years & have chunk of my very crucial emails there. So, I want to download all my emails from GoDaddy Webmail to my local hard drive to make sure that I will not loose my any important information. Thankfully, this tool helped me a lot in saving GoDaddy emails into my desired file format.

  • Benjamin Avanyan, Belarus

It is the most reliable & easy to use GoDaddy Email Backup Software. I am very happy that I bet on this software. I checked the working of this software with a free trial version, that enables me to download first 25 emails without any loss of HTML formatting. So, I decided to go further with this tool & thankfully, I am so lucky to have this.

  • Stathoulis Nikolaos, Chechenya