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How to Mass Delete Comcast Emails Permanently ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 21st, 2022
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In this article, you will know a perfect solution to how to permanently delete Comcast emails. It is one of the best solutions available at present time to remove emails from your Xfinity Comcast account. It will help you mass delete Comcast emails according to To, From, Date Range, or Subject filters.

I am working as a Software Engineer in a company. The company assigned me a job to do Zimbra to Exchange migration.

We have currently 300+ user accounts in the directory. I cannot use Zimbra due to server downtime during the migration.

So, to connect with each of them temporarily, I decided to use a free webmail account for email communication. one such webmail service which I personally preferred is the Xfinity Comcast Mail service.

Because our migration is completed, now I want to delete some confidential emails from the Comcast account. I do not want to empty my Inbox or delete the account as it can be useful for me in the future.

Is there any solution available that will help me in deleting only specific emails from the Comcast account in bulk mode?

Smart Solution:

Yes. You can delete Comcast emails using the best Emailraser Software. The toolkit will allow the users to load Comcast mail data in it directly through login credentials. You only need to select the emails to remove them from your account.

Free download the trial from the below button:

Download for Windows

Trial Limitation: You can check the working of this tool by downloading its free trial version. During the trial, you can delete only the first 25 emails from each folder. If you want to delete more emails, you need to first activate the software using a license key.

Guide to Delete Multiple Comcast Emails:

  • Launch the software & choose the Comcast option.
  • Enter login credentials of Comcast account to list mailbox folders.
  • Apply advanced settings like filters options, or delete email attachments.
  • Initiate Comcast email deletion process & analyze it in the application panel.
  • You can check your Xfinity Comcast account to verify the process.

Powerful Features of Comcast Mail Removal Application:

Removing all your emails from the Comcast account manually is not so easy. Hence, it is a great choice to use this professional Comcast Email Deletion program.

A user can delete emails from multiple Comcast webmail account through a Batch login option. The Batch Mode will enable the users to load multiple users’ data in software with a CSV file. You can check the sample CSV files directly from the application panel.

This tool offers multiple benefits to its users like listed below:

  • The working speed of this toolkit is very fast. It can rapidly delete thousands of your Xfinity Comcast emails in a few minutes.
  • This tool has a separate option to delete only email attachments. This option really helps the users in emptying their server storage.
  • A user can delete only specific emails by applying filter settings directly through the application panelThese settings can be applied on the basis of various parameters like To, From, Date Range, or Subject. You can delete the Xfinity emails from a specific sender email address. You can also delete Comcast emails sent to a user, or emails with a particular subject.
  • The utility can delete all Comcast emails or only selected Comcast emails without deleting your entire email account.
  • It has a separate option to delete only Comcast email attachments from the server.
  • The user interface & working of this toolkit is very user-friendly and simplified.

If you are a Windows machine user, then this Xfinity Email Removal software is designed for you. It can be run on all the latest versions & editions of Windows including Windows 10.

Quick Steps to Remove Comcast Emails:

  1. Install & Run the software & choose the Comcast option from the Email Source list.how to permanently delete comcast emails
  2. The toolkit has a dual-mode to login to Comcast data, i.e., Use Batch Mode or Use Proxy. Provide the credentials of your Comcast account & then click on the Login button.how to delete comcast emails in bulk
  3. The application will start analyzing the Comcast mailboxes. Choose all the required folders to delete emails from them.charter email delete all
  4. An Email Deletion window will appear. It will also display a message i.e., Once emails or attachments are deleted, it cannot be retrieving back. Make sure to take proper backup of Comcast emails before deleting the emails.
  5. Users can apply advanced filter settings to delete selective emails on the basis of fields like Date Range, From, To, Subject or Delete Email Attachments.
  6. Click on the Delete button to initialize the email removal process. It will pop-up a message box with a warning i.e., ‘Are you sure you want to continue?’. Click Yes to continue.
  7. The email deletion process got started now. You can preview it directly in the application panel.
  8. In the end, it will display a confirmation message box. Click on the OK button. All the unwanted emails are now no more in your Comcast account.

Frequently Asked Queries:

I want to delete only the emails received from my Boss. Can I do it with your software?

Yes, the toolkit will provide an advanced option to delete only the emails received from a specific sender. You only need to enter the email address of your boss in From label of filters settings available in the software panel.

I do not want to delete my entire Comcast email account. I have received a lot of ad emails with the same Subject in my Inbox. Can I remove all such ad emails at once?

Yes, this tool allows the users to delete emails with a specific subject. You only need to write the Subject of your message in the software panel.

I have 17k+ emails in my Comcast email account. I want to delete the emails received between 2018 to 2019. Does your tool have any option to do so?

Well yes, this toolkit has the option to delete only the emails received between the initial date & final date.

I want to use your application on my Microsoft Windows 8 PC. Does your software compatible with Windows OS?

Yes, it is fully compatible with all MS Windows OS devices including Windows 8.


The above tutorial explains a unique method to delete Comcast emails in a simple way. It will provide users a direct option to remove all the emails & messages in bulk mode.

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