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How to Create a PST from MSG File – Quick Method

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 10th, 2022
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This article easily explains the process to create a PST from MSG file. Many users want to combine multiple MSG files into a single PST data file.


I work with StarStreak Air Defense System technology. Because we are a defense company, most of our work is very confidential. Most e-mail communication is handled by the Outlook e-mail client because it is considered the most secure.

We received thousands of encrypted MSG files from our administration team. It becomes a very tedious task for us to manage them all independently. We always need to open the MSG file in Outlook.

Is there any way to create PST from MSG file? Combining multiple MSG files into one PST will help open these emails simultaneously in Outlook. Managing all these emails will be very easy for our team.

Instant Solution:

It is not easy to merge multiple MSG files into a single PST file. But, with RecoveryTools MSG Converter, a user can simply create a PST file from MSG. It is a completely standalone application without requiring an Outlook email client.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Create PST file from MSG in 5 Simple Steps:

  • Launch Software & load MSG files.
  • Choose MSG files to combine.
  • Select the PST option from the Saving list.
  • Setup MSG to PST conversion options.
  • Start-Process & get resultant PST file.

Amazing Features of the Application:

This application is designed to facilitate the process of creating PST files from multiple MSG emails. Free trial release of this software is very simple.

  • Safe and Secure Method:

I must say that this is a truly unique application. It is a very secure method without any problems with data security by e-mail. The protection of personal data will be kept confidential during the process.

  • Bulk merge:

The user can combine multiple MSG files into one .pst file. The tool supports the bulk processing of multiple MSG files. Select a folder, and upload any MSG files it contains.

  • No data loss:

When the user selects this application to create a PST file from MSG, no data is suffered. Email integrity remains intact during the process. Metadata and email properties are preserved.

  • Supports Attachments:

MSG files can contain embedded file attachments. The tool supports the creation of PST files including attachments from MSG file. All types of attached files such as documents, PDF, Excel, ZIP, etc. This application supports them.

Best Tool to Create a PST from Multiple MSG Files:

It is the best application currently available. The software is inspected by experts in the field. Here are some of them:

I must say that this is one of the best applications for merging multiple MSG files into one PST file.
– Ananda Ranganathan, Madurai

I tested this software with 2 million MSG emails. The tool has successfully created one PST file from millions of MSG files.
– Charlie Klein, San Francisco

Instantly create a separate PST for multiple MSG files. Supports all types of attached files for conversion.
– Juang Xi, Seoul

Frequent Questions:

Can I open multiple MSG files in Outlook at once?

Yes, there is a way to open multiple MSG files at once. The user can select all the e-mails he wants to import into Outlook and then drag them to the Outlook window.

How can I get PST file from MSG files?

The previous article describes the complete process for how a user can create .pst files from multiple MSG files.

Can I use this software on my Mac?

Yes, Download the DMG configuration and run the software on a Mac.

What type of .pst file does this software create?

The software generates a UNICODE PST file. The user can import the .pst file into all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Outlook.

Closing words:

The above article fully explains the process of how a user can create PST files from multiple MSGs. The outlook email client supports both PST & MSG files.

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