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How to Convert TXT to TIFF? Best Process to Do it!

Published By Karen Chard 
Rollins Duke
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Published On January 19th, 2024
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Do you have a requirement for a trustworthy way to convert TXT to TIFF in bulk? If your answer is yes, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article where you will get to know the most effective way to convert Text to Tag Image File Format.
In this technical blog, we have discussed the step wise procedure to convert TXT to TIFF . All you’ve to do is just follow the guide to know how to do it yourself!

This is a digital era, where conversions from one format to another is a part of everyone’s day to day life. And if you are a photographer, editor, graphic designer or someone related to this field then, to convert TXT to TIFF is imperative as the Tag Image File Format is used to store high-quality image data.

In this article we’ll be looking at the best way to efficiently convert Text to Tag Image File Format, without facing any kind of problems. There is no manual way to import TXT to TIFF in bulk therefore, we will be discussing a tool called Text to TIFF converter that is capable to convert TXT to TIFF in one go and the best thing is, this doesn’t even require much technical knowledge.

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The Need to Convert TXT to TIFF in Bulk

  • Unlike the TXT files, the TIFF format retains all its formatting and layout, as a document with visual elements, this a crucial attribute to have.
  • The TIFF images have a high acceptance as an archive format file which is compatible with the majority of platforms and ensures long term readability as well.
  • TIFF format offers high-quality outputs which are suitable for printing or physical production.
    TIFF allows the user to seamlessly integrate text content into graphics heavy files, which creates a coercive visual experience.

What is the Best Solution to Convert TXT to TIFF File?

RecoveryTools TXT Converter is a software that is specially designed and built to convert Text to Tag Image File Format in bulk. This Text to Tag Image File Format converter tool allows its users to import multiple text files to TIFF format.

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Steps to Convert TXT to TIFF in Bulk Easily

  1. Download and Run the TXT to TIFF File converter.
    install and run
  2. Choose one out of the dual options provided to upload the TXT file.
    add txt file
  3. After choosing the option, a list of files will open up in front of you out of which you can check-mark the files to import.
    select txt files
  4. Post selecting the files to convert TXT to TIFF, from the ‘saving options’ drop-down menu, choose TIFF.
    saving option selection
  5. Now, in the “destination path” option, you’ve to select a location to store your files.
    navigate destination
  6. You can configure a sender’s email ID in the “settings” option.
  7. Hit “Convert” to begin the process to convert TXT to TIFF file.
    begin conversion
  8. You can verify the conversion by navigating to the destination you had chosen earlier.
    resultant data

Advantages of Using this Tool to Convert TXT to TIFF

Efficient Batch Conversion: This tool allows the users to process multiple files simultaneously. This significantly improves the capability convert TXT to TIFF in bulk.
Preservation of Original Formatting: This TXT to TIFF file converter is capable of preserving the original formatting of the data that doesn’t change post-conversion.
User Friendly Interface: The UI of this tool is so good that even a person that is technically not so sound can accomplish this task of conversion.
Quality Output: This software ensures that the files after converting to TIFF format don’t lose their edge and consistently produce high quality output.

Note – To convert TXT to TIFF, this tool ensures top notch processing and best quality outputs. The free version of this software allows 5 notepad text conversions for free and after the user’s satisfaction, the user can purchase the full version of the tool which has no limitations in it, i.e, Neither the number of files, nor the size of file.

Features of this Tool

  • The TIFF format files generated with the help of this tool are compatible with all the different platforms.
  • This tool consistently performs well and ensures reliability for the long run.
  • In cases of any queries or technical issues by the user, the support team is readily available to assist them.

Summing it up!

In the blog we discussed an amazing tool to convert TXT to TIFF, which can be a one stop destination for the people who deal with TXT file conversions on a daily basis. Download this tool ASAP and begin to convert TXT to TIFF in bulk, instantly.