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How to Convert TXT to OXPS? Bulk Conversion

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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Summary: Get the most feasible way to convert TXT to OXPS. This article has explained how to convert TXT to OXPS in bulk through the most convenient solution to convert multiple text files to OXPS format in bulk using a few easy clicks for both professionals and beginners. Rather than using risky online tools, take help of a trustworthy and secure solution that only works according to your needs.

TXT and OXPS file formats are way too different from each other. We all are aware of TXT files which are very popular file formats used by everyone in their daily lives. TXT files are also known as TEXT files that contain simple and plain text data without any styling of formatting. But OXPS is a quite distinguished file format which is not as popular as TXT files among normal users. In the next section we have explained What is OXPS format, then we will jump to the solution to instantly convert TXT to OXPS. Keep reading…

What is OXPS Format?

OXPS format is a type of file that stores documents, similar to PDF. It was created by Microsoft for Windows. OXPS files contain text, images, and layout information. They are often used for sharing and viewing documents while preserving their original formatting. Now find the solution to change the file format from TXT to OXPS.

Reliable Solution to Convert TXT to OXPS in Bulk

Download RecoveryTools TXT Converter tool to efficiently convert multiple TXT files into OXPS format in bulk while keeping your important data safe and secure. The tool has a very easy interface that is easily understandable for any user even if they do not have technical knowledge. All you need to do is, just install it in your computer and convert TXT files into multiple file formats.

This tool has many cool features like a strong and user-friendly interface, it works even without internet, it converts files without any risk, and it keeps the text safe. You can also convert lots of TXT files to EML at once without worrying about losing data. Plus, you get to choose where the new file goes. So, it’s a great tool to use!

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How to Convert TXT to OXPS in Bulk with Tool?

  1. Download and open the mentioned tool on your computer to start converting TXT files into OXPS.Convert TXT to OXPS
  2. Click “Select File” or “Select Folder” option to add your TXT files bulk, then press “Next.”select folders
  3. Choose the text files you need to convert into OXPS and again click “Next.”select folders
  4. Select “OXPS” format as the file type under “Select Saving Option.”select OXPS
  5. Pick the destination for the new file by clicking on “Destination Path” in the same window.choose path
  6. At the end, hit the Convert button to initiate the process to convert all your TXT files to OXPS in bulk.

Features of the Tool

  • Easily Convert TXT to OXPS in bulk with just one click.
  • You can choose the file format, directory structure, and metadata for organizing the archives as per your preference.
  • convert TXT to OXPS accurately, ensuring data integrity and safeguarding against loss or corruption.
  • Simple to user-interface, no technical knowledge needed.
  • The tool is compatible with all the Windows versions.


Finally, the process to convert TXT to OXPS in bulk has never been simpler. So, both professionals and beginners can easily convert of TXT to OXPS in batch using RecoveryTools TXT to OXPS Converter which is the the easy-to-use application with a high level of protection. Instead of risky online tools, choose this reliable option that takes into account your individual requirements.


Q1. What does OXPS stand for?

Microsoft created OXPS as a format for storing documents in Windows. Such as PDF, OXPS files store text, images and layout information to share documents with retained formatting.

Q2. Which is the best method to convert TXT to OXPS in bulk?

Download and install the RecoveryTools TXT to OXPS Converter software on your computer for easy conversion of multiple TXT files. It has a simple interface allowing for smooth conversion.

Q3. What are the features of TXT to OXPS Converter tool?

The TXT to OXPS Converter tool offers the possibility of one-click conversion from text files to OXPS format, adjustment capabilities for file formats and directory organization levels accuracy, preserving data integrity as well as user-friendly interface that is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Q4. Why choose RecoveryTools TXT to OXPS Converter instead of online tools?

The tool offers a safe and standalone solution to convert TXT to OXPS in bulk, which removes the risks when using online products. It guarantees protection for your sensitive data, allows batch conversion while allowing you to select the path.