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How to Convert TXT to JPG in Bulk? Trustworthy Solution

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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Summary: If you want to convert TXT to JPG, then you must definitely read this blog. Rather than using unsafe online tools to convert TEXT to JPG, you should take help of powerful solutions which are secure and reliable for your valuable data. This article will not just introduce you the most effective solution to convert multiple TXT files in JPG format while saving time, but also guide you with step-by-step procedures.

Understanding TXT and JPG File Formats

A TEXT or TXT file (.TXT) is a simple document which contains plain text without any formatting, style, and images. It is the most common and widely used file format which offers the most basic way to store and share information in the form of letters, numbers and symbols. Anyone can easily create, edit, open and share TXT files.

On the other hand, JPG or JPEG is the most popular image format used to store photographs and images in high quality without occupying space. JPG files are easy to open, share, and compress. Generally, people often need to convert TXT to JPEG for various purposes. Below you can find a lot of reasons to convert the texts into a JPEG image.

Why to Convert TXT to JPG?

  • Converting TXT into JPEG can be helpful if you want to represent your text information in the form of an image to create banners, posters, artistic designs and presentations.
  • Converting TEXT files to JPG is also a method to secure important information. Unlike TXT files, JPG files contain a level of content protection.
  • You can form your TXT files according to your choice while adding fonts, colors, layouts and artistic designs, while you convert TXT to JPEG.

Secure and Powerful Solution to Convert TEXT to JPG Instantly

The most secure way to convert TXT to JPEG image format is by using RecoveryTools TXT Converter. This TXT to JPG Converter tool provides a level of security to your crucial data and quickly convert TXT to JPG and various other file formats in bulk. SO if you have a huge amount of textual data which you need in graphical format you should definitely try this application. Click on the link given below to download TXT to JPEG Converter and convert the first 25 files from each folder into any file format you want.

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How to Convert TXT to JPG?

  1. If you have downloaded the tool already to convert Text to JPEG, then open it on your computer and click on the Next button.Convert TXT to JPG
  2. You will see dual options such as Select folder and Select file on the next screen to import your TXT files in bulk.import txt files
  3. Make a selection of your specific TXT folders by checking the boxes based on your requirement to change them into JPG.select specific txt folder
  4. Move to the saving options, click on the drop-down arrow (you will see multiple file formations in which you can convert TXT files), select JPG.choose JPG
  5. Now specify a path to save your JPG files after the process to convert TXT to JPG is done.choose path
  6. Lastly, you need to hit the Convert button to begin the process. You can view the result from the chosen path.click convert

Features of TXT to JPG Converter Software:

  • Allow to convert bulk of TXT files into more than 15 file formats.
  • Show you a complete preview of TXT data and facilitate the selection of specific folders to convert text to JPG.
  • Provides highest data security and level of protection and convert TXT to JPG efficiently.
  • Simple user interface capable for both experts and non-technicals.
  • Save the converted TXT file at the desired path.
  • Settings option to add sender’s email address.
  • Users can watch a live preview of the conversion process and stop whenever they want.
  • Free version to TXT the application before purchasing it.

Online Tools are Not Safe to Convert TXT to JPG

There are a lot of differences between offline software and online tools. You should always keep your critical information away from the risks. There are various cases when online tools leaked and hacked organization data. It is best to download TXT to JPG Converter software rather than using temporary online tools to convert Text to JPG. RecoveryTools TXT to JPG Converter is certified, authenticated, trusted by millions of professionals and organizations.


Everyone needs a secure way to convert TXT to JPG, but that wish cannot be fulfilled until you do not have a secure solution. The article provided a trustworthy and certified TXT to JPG converter used by most of the professionals to convert text to JPG in bulk without losing data. We also explained each step to convert text to JPEG so that our users do not face any challenges.