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How to Convert TXT to GIF? Bulk Conversion at Once

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Summary: Do you want to convert TXT to GIF? If yes then you have landed on the right page. In this blog you will find the most convenient and sophisticated solution to convert text to GIF in bulk. Moreover, we have explained in detail how to convert text to GIF securely, step-by-step.

A Brief of TXT and GIF Formats

TXT/ TEXT is a simple and plain text file document which contains unformatted text. This is a highly compatible format across various platforms and applications which can be easily opened and modified. Due to the lack of formatting these files are small in size.

However GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is a very popular roster image format known for supporting small size animations. GIF files contain simple graphics, icons and short animations while containing multiple frames. Many people want to convert text to GIF animation to enjoy the graphics and get animated designed text. Read more purposes of converting TXT files in GIF.

Benefits to Convert TXT to GIF:

  • If you want to represent your text in a visual, creative and artistic way you can convert them into GIFs. This will allow you to include graphical elements, colors, or animations in your text content.
  • In several cases, professionals need to use specific design as per the presentation choice where a GIF format is preferred over plain text.
  • GIF files look more stylish and attractive than a plain TXT file, they can be easily shared and viewed.
  • People prefer to view GIFs rather than reading TXT documents.

How to Convert TXT to GIF?

There are two ways to convert TEXT to GIF, either you can use online tools or directly install secure offline software. Hence we informed you these are the two ways, but if we talk about security and reliability, professional and technical experts will never recommend using online tools. Why? Because there are a bunch of drawbacks of using online tools which we have explained in another section of this article.

Which is The Best Solution to Convert TXT to GIF?

RecoveryTools TXT Converter is the widely recognized tool specifically designed to convert TXT to GIF. This is the authenticated and certified application which has helped larger number businesses and organizations to convert their TXT files into more than 15 file formats including PDF, HTML, RTF, EML, MSG, PST, XPS, MHT, EMF, OXPS, JPG, GIF, etc. Apart from converting TXT into multiple formats, this tool maintains data privacy and security. The TXT to GIF converter has so many useful features to make this task easy and quick.

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Steps to Convert TEXT to GIF with The Software

  1. Download and open the tool on your computer that changes text to GIFs and click the “Next” button.Convert TXT to GIF
  2. On the next screen, you’ll see options to pick folders or files. Choose your TXT files by checking the boxes.select folder or file
  3. Choose your TXT files by checking the boxes.check required folders
  4. Navigate to the saving options then Click the dropdown arrow and choose “GIF.”select GIF
  5. Specify the path where you want to keep your new GIF files after the conversion is finished.choose path
  6. Finally, click the “Convert” button to start the process. You can check the results in the location you chose.Convert TXT to GIF

Features of the Tool:

  • See a preview of your text data and choose specific folders to convert text to GIF. It’s simple to use, whether you’re an expert or not.
  • Ensures the highest level of data security and protection while efficiently converting text to GIF. Your data is safe throughout the process.
  • Designed with a simple interface for both experts and non-tech users. Easily save the converted TXT files to your preferred location.
  • Moreover, it allows you to create a backup of your data and save them locally. Once you have a backup, you can access them whenever you want without the internet even if the original file gets lost.
  • Customize settings by adding the sender’s email address to your converted files.
  • Watch a live preview of the conversion process and stop it whenever you want. Stay in control throughout.
  • There’s a free version available. Test the application before making a decision to purchase.
  • Supports all Windows OS versions, both the latest and older ones. Use it seamlessly across different Windows versions.

Drawbacks of Using Online Tools:

  • Uploading critical data online can expose your private information as uploaded files may stay on the server.
  • Usually have file size restrictions which are not suitable for professionals. You can not convert TXT to GIF in bulk.
  • Some tools might not work well with certain web browsers.
  • Does not provide features to enhance conversion experience.
  • It requires a proper internet connection to work.

If you’re looking to convert TXT to GIF, use RecoveryTools TXT to GIF Converter for a secure and efficient solution. It supports various file formats, maintains data security, and offers a user-friendly interface. Unlike online tools, it ensures privacy. Test the free version of the tool before purchasing it.