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How to Convert PST to HTML? Best PST to HTML Converter

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Published On February 16th, 2024
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Summary: Are you seeking a solution to convert PST to HTML? Then you’ve landed on the right blog post where you will find answers to all your queries related to PST to HTML Conversion. Here you will find the most reliable and effective method to easily change PST to HTML in bulk. By the end of this blog, you won’t need to search elsewhere for solutions for this task. Let’s start reading the article to instantly convert all your PST files into HTML file format easily.

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What Do You Understand by HTML?

HTML is a type of file that uses the HTML language, mainly for making web pages. It’s what Outlook uses by default for messages. HTML is great because it lets you create documents with different fonts, colors, and lists. You can also add pictures to your emails with it. Now let’s get some reasons of PST to HTML conversion and we can accomplish this task.

Why Convert PST to HTML?

  • PST files can only be opened in Outlook, while HTML files can be viewed in any web browser.
  • You can’t change Outlook email files, but you can edit HTML files using a text editor.
  • You can’t send PST files as email attachments, but HTML files can be sent easily.
  • PST files store all emails in one file, making it hard to transfer a specific email. HTML saves each email separately, which is easier to manage.

These were a few common reasons to change PST to HTML. However users save PST files in HTML format for several more reasons that can totally depend on their situation.

Change PST to HTML Manually

Here we have explained how to convert PST to HTML manually just by using MS Outlook. Make sure the Outlook application is installed in your computer to initiate this process.

  1. To begin the process to convert PST files to HTML, You first need to Open MS Outlook.
  2. Click on the “File” option from the Menu of Outlook interface.
  3. Select “Save As” option and then choose “HTML.” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Decide where you want to save the converted file by choosing a path.
  5. Create a new folder and name it to easily find your file after converting PST to HTML.
  6. In the “Save As” dropdown menu, pick the newly created folder.
  7. Click “Save” to finish the process.
  8. Find your .HTML file in the new folder, right-click it, and open it with a web browser.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Converting PST files to HTML can be really challenging and tough.
  • Sometimes, you might need tech support to PST to HTML conversion manually.
  • This method to change PST to HTML doesn’t let you export lots of email files all at once.
  • Be careful, because you might lose some data during the PST to HTML conversion.

Advanced Solution to Convert PST to HTML in Bulk Instantly

You can directly install the RecoveryTools Outlook PST Migrator that is specially developed to fulfill all the purpose of Outlook PST files and export PST to HTML in bulk without losing any data. This PST to HTML Converter is a secured application that has helped millions of professionals to change PST to HTML instantly. Apart from converting PST files to HTML format users can also convert PST files into multiple file formats such as EML, PDF, MSG, MBOX, etc. Users can also try the demo version of the tool to convert PST to HTML for free.

Steps to Change PST to HTML with Tool

  1. Install the PST to HTML Converter on your Windows or Mac, then open it. convert pst to html
  2. Choose either “select file” or “select folder” to import your Outlook email file, or use the Configured Outlook mailbox option directly. import PST files
  3. Preview and select the files you want to transfer.PST to HTML Converter
  4. Next, choose the saving option as HTML to move Outlook emails to your desired account.
  5. Finally, click the Convert button to smoothly convert PST to HTML.

Features of PST to HTML Converter

  • It automatically imports Outlook email files from the default storage location.
  • PST to HTML Converter offers manual options to load PST files from your computer.
  • The converter tool provides various saving options and can even export Outlook calendar to ICS and other formats.
  • The PST to HTML Converter can accurately convert corrupted PST files to HTML format by thoroughly searching for email recovery.
  • After importing PST files, it displays a preview of all folders, allowing users to preview emails in different modes.
  • It offers an option to keep the converted messages in the original source folder if you convert PST to HTML.
  • Users can choose from various file name conversion options for storing HTML files in different styles.
  • It generates a live conversion progress report, showing the number of items converted.
  • The PST to HTML Converter is compatible with all Windows versions, including server editions.


That’s all you need to do to convert PST to HTML. Using the steps outlined in the article anyone can instantly change PST to HTML. Manual methods do not offer any advanced option but if you use the PST to HTML Converter you will be easily able to convert PST to HTML in bulk while taking advantage of lots of features of the software. Make you PST files compatible with the web browsers and access them easily whenever you want.