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Convert PSB to PDF – Save Large Photoshop Files as PDF

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 22nd, 2024
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This write-up is going to explain the best ways to convert PSB to PDF documents with complete information like a step-by-step guide, features & filters, and drawbacks. Here we will use both manual methods and expert solutions like PSB to PDF converter tool.

Images play a very important role in our daily life, we take 1000 pictures every day to capture our memories. And when we talk about images, the PSB format plays an important role in the world of images.

PSB format is mainly used to store high-resolution images or graphics in Photoshop Large Document Format. And PDF is a standard document format to safely keep your data. One of the major reasons for using PDF is that it is compressed and lightweight.

For a better understanding of converting PSB to PDF documents, let’s get into the reasons and situations.

“Hello there, I have some PSB files, which I want to change into PDF format because PSB files are taking up too much space on my PC. And PDF format will be suitable for me. But I don’t know any method to convert PSB to PDF, please could anyone help me?”

Why Do Users Want to Save PSB to PDF in Photoshop?

There are several advanced features of PDF format, which makes it the first choice of users and compels users to export Photoshop to PDF format.

  • Users can easily access and view data in PDF files from anywhere and any device without any specific tool.
  • Also, PDF file size is smaller than PSB, so that users can safely share the documents with others.
  • Also, if anyone has crucial data they can safely lock it with password protection.
  • PDF files preserve all information, while PSB file has a high risk of losing details and quality.

How to Convert PSB to PDF using Photoshop Manually?

  1. Open Photoshop on your system.
  2. Click on the File >> Open… option.
  3. Browse and open your PSB file here.
  4. After that, again click on the File >> Save As… option.

    dropdown menu

  5. Click on the Format and choose the PDF option,.

    Photoshop PDF

  6. Select the folder to save the resultant PDF file.
  7. Lastly, click on the Save icon to convert PSB to PDF.

    Convert PSB to PDF Format

Your PSB file is successfully saved into PDF format. Now let’s understand why users don’t prefer the manual method.

Why Not Manual Methods?

  • Photoshop software installation is required on your system.
  • And most of the users don’t prefer it because Photoshop takes too much space on your hard disk.
  • Users can’t save multiple PSB files into PDF at once in bulk.
  • Also, they have to repeat the same process again and again for each file.
  • Adobe Photoshop is a monthly subscription-based purchase, so it is not pocket-friendly for everyone.

Save Photoshop as PDF with PSB to PDF Converter Tool

The RecoveryTools PSB to PDF Converter is a powerful tool that can convert PSB to PDF and many other formats. The software has been created with highly advanced algorithms, which makes it the first choice of users and user-friendly for all technical and non-technical users.

You can download the demo version of the tool for free on your Windows system. It will help you evaluate the working and performance of the software.

Quick Steps to Convert PSB to PDF

  • Step 1: Install the PSB to PDF converter.
  • Step 2: Add your PSB files/folders.
  • Step 3: Check the box of needed folders.
  • Step 4: Choose the PDF as a saving option.
  • Step 5: Select the location to save results.
  • Step 6: Hit the Convert icon to convert PSB to PDF.

All Working Steps to Export PSB Photoshop to PDF

  1. Firstly, download and install PSB to PDF Converter on your computer.

    PSB to PDF Converter

  2. Launch the software and click on the “Select File(s)” button to add the PSB file(s) or choose the Select Folders option.

    Select Folders

  3. A complete list of folders and subfolders will appear on the screen and check the needed data.

    list of folders

  4. Choose “PDF” as the output format from the Select Saving Option.

    Select Saving Option

  5. Select a destination folder to save the converted PDF files.

    destination folder

  6. Click on the “Convert” button to convert PSB to PDF.

    convert PSB to PDF

  7. Lastly, this software will convert Photoshop large document files (PSB) to PDF and save them in the selected destination folder.

    convert PSB to PDF process

Advanced Features of PSB to PDF Conversion Tool

  • This software supports both file formats including PSD and PSB without having any issues.
  • Provides dual options to load single or multiple PSB files and folders to the panel at once.
  • This PSB to PDF converter tool preserves all components of Images including Pixels, Colors, Text, Image quality, etc.
  • Users can save their PSB files into 8+ saving formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, HTML, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.
  • This software will take desktop location by default, you can change it using the Browse (Folders) button.
  • Also, you can install this software on any Windows OS including Windows 11,10, 8, 7, and other editions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q 1: What is PSB file format?

    Ans: PSB means Photoshop Large Document Format, which is mainly used to store large image data. And it is used by image editors.

  • Q 2: Is PSB the same as PDF?

    Ans: No, PSB is used for images and PDF is a document format to share with anyone.

  • Q 3: Why is my PSB file not opening?

    Ans: It happens when your file is missing or damaged installation. So, your Photoshop will not open your PSB file.

  • Q 4: Does their need to install Photoshop with your solution?

    Ans: No, this tool is completely independent, and there is no need to install any third-party tool like Photoshop.


Here we have described the best and quickest ways to convert PSB to PDF documents at once. We take the help of manual methods, which is good for limited PSB files. If you have unlimited PSB files to save into PDF, then you should download the professional PSB to PDF converter tool. this tool can easily export multiple PSB files into PDF at once without having file size limitations. we tried our best to give you full information, hope you find the blog helpful.