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How Convert EML to DOC? Simplified with EML to DOC Converter and Manual Procedures

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On December 22nd, 2023
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Discover best ways to convert EML to DOC. If you are having EML files and looking for an EML to DOC converter solution to convert them into DOC format, you should definitely read this guide. Start reading the article to know how you can change EML files into a document manually and use a powerful tool.

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If you have used several email applications and are aware that they store messages in different formats. For example, one very popular email format is the EML (Electronic Mail), used by Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird. Hence EML files are not always compatible, so you can change them into Word files which saves data in most common file formats DOC and DOCX. For this you need to convert EML to DOC.

So there are 2 top-rated ways of changing EML files into Word, either you can use an EML to DOC converter tool or try manual method. This guide covers these two methods. Let’s start reading in-detail.

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Why to Convert EML to DOC?

In the following points you can find some common reasons to convert EML to Word / DOC or DOCX. After that we will first use EML to DOC converter then explain the manual method. But first take an overview towards the reasons:

  • Editing information in Word files like DOC and DOCX is simple.
  • You can customize your data the way you want.
  • Sharing and accessing documents is easy.
  • Nobody else can open the file without the owner’s permission.

Use EML to DOC Converter to Change EML Files to DOC in Bulk

As we said that there are two ways to convert EML to DOC that includes manual the and tool which we call as EML to DOC converter. Hence you can find several EML to Word converter tools in the market but you would have to take care of your data as sometimes they are not secure. However, the most used tool to convert EML to Word file is RecoveryTools EML converter.

The easiest and nicest way to convert EML to Word in bulk, all at once is using this tool. It’s the solution to your problem and the way to get out of the situation. The EML to DOC Converter fits best for this task as it is specially made to convert EML to DOCX files. It doesn’t matter how many EML files you have; this tool can complete this task with just a few clicks.

How to Convert EML to DOC Using Tool?

  1. Install and open the EML to DOC Converter App on your computer. Follow the instructions carefully. Convert EML to DOC
  2. The converter gives you two options: choose individual EML files or entire folders with EML files. Import ML files
  3. Next, choose EML folders and click “Next” again to convert EML to DOC. Select EML folders
  4. Pick the DOC file format from the drop-down list as saving option.Select Doc
  5. Press the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.Convert EML to DOC
  6. Once the task is done, a dialogue box will appear. Click “OK.” click ok

How to Convert EML to DOC Manually?

Well it is best to use EML to DOC Converter, but still if you want to give a try to the manual procedure, follow these steps:

  1. Locate to your EML file where you have saved it and select it.
  2. Give a Right-click on the required .eml file and choose “Open with” option.
  3. After you click on Open with, and select MS Word, to open EML file into Word document.
  4. After you have successfully opened EML file into Word, go to File tab.
  5. Select Save as from the menu then browse a path to convert EML to DOC.
  6. Select Word document (.docx) as file type then Hit the Save button.

Note: You can also copy the data from the EML file and paste it to Word document and save it .doc / .docx. However before using manual procedure, read about it’s limitations mentioned below while comparing with EML to Word converter.

Why Choose EML to DOC Converter Over Manual Method?

  • The tool allows you to convert EML to DOCX in bulk all at once. But in manual method you need to repeat the steps for each EML file.
  • The EML to DOC converter is easy to use to convert EML to DOC, requiring just a few clicks to complete the task. Hence manual method is lengthy, technical and time consuming.
  • Tool ensures the security of your data during the conversion process, but manual method does not.
  • The tool offers a lot of features to simplify the conversion which you can not find in manual methods.
  • EML to Word Converter maintains original format of EML files which you can lose using manual method.


Learn how to convert EML to DOC with ease though EML to DOC converter tool and Manual method. The guide explained both of the methods thoroughly along with step-by-step procedures. With the tool you can convert EML to Word in bulk, enjoying a lot of features, saving time, and maintaining data security. However, manual techniques are time consuming and involve a lot of limitations.