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  • Bulk Mode of IceWarp Migration Tool will Backup Multiple IceWarp Accounts
  • Backup all Mailboxes Folders of IceWarp Emails i.e. Inbox, Drafts, Deleted Items
  • Retain all Metadata & Email Properties of IceWarp Emails During Backup Process
  • Keep Same Folder Structure Hierarchy within the Mailbox Folders & Subfolders
  • Multilingual IceWarp Backup to Run in English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, etc.
  • Save IceWarp Emails to Multiple Formats i.e. PST, MBOX, MSG, EMLX, EML, etc.
  • Download IceWarp Webmail to Gmail,, Office 365, Exchange Server
  • Backup IceWarp into Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zimbra, IBM Notes
  • Fetch & Load IceWarp Mailboxes by Providing login credentials of IceWarp Account
  • Backup IceWarp Emails with All Types of Attachments i.e. Embedded & Normal Attachments
  • IceWarp Backup Tool is Fully Compatible with Windows OS & Windows Server Devices

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  • Free Live Trial - IceWarp Backup Solution to Securely Download Emails.
  • Secure User Interface with Virus Free Solution


IceWarp is a very popular mail server available for Windows and Linux operating systems and developed by IceWarp Ltd. IceWarp backup software provides an independent platform for backing up an IceWarp mailbox with e-mail attachments. This software allows you to directly backup emails from one IceWarp source to another email client format and file format in just a few simple steps.

Maintain Original Email Properties

IceWarp Pro's best backup solution saves only the emails selected and requested by IceWarp in another file format and provides additional email services. The software downloads email and email folder without losing the information. This software retains the properties and elements of the emails after downloading in hard drive format and other required account format. IceWarp Backup Tool is a straightforward and proficient programming to make a total reinforcement of your IceWarp mailbox, including the Inbox, Sent Items, Sent Items, Drafts folders, etc.

Backup Emails with Attachments

IceWarp Pro backup tool is not only a backup solution for IceWarp emails locally, but can save and backup entire IceWarp Pro email account with emails, calendars, attachments, notes, contacts, personal folders, archive folders, etc. required file format. IceWarp Contact switches directly to the Outlook contact format using the one-click and one-click solution options. IceWarp contact backup software allows you to convert your entire address book, including your email contacts, to another format at the same time.

Multiple File Naming Conventions

The IceWarp Account Backup Tool includes several file naming options to organize and sort emails based on user requirements. Before downloading IceWarp in hard drive format, clients can set an objective area to save the changed information over to the client's area in the PC area. A standalone IceWarp Pro backup application that gives a faultless tool and performs backup without introducing an aide application on the system. Easy-to-understand application software platform for restoring IceWarp mailboxes.

Backup with Advanced Filters

IceWarp Email Backup software provides users with advanced filter settings for downloading selected IceWarp emails. If you want a simple and easy to understand platform, download an IceWarp account in the host email. RecoveryTools IceWarp Backup software provides various features and functions to save and backup your IceWarp account in the desired file format without any hassle. Backup based on From, Subject, To, Cc, etc. Or within the data range for IceWarp selective email backup.


This IceWarp Webmail Backup software allows users to download IceWarp emails to their hard drive. Download emails from your IceWarp email account directly using IceWarp backup software. The toolkit simultaneously backs up your entire account in the required file format and your email service provider's online account without any hassle. Now you can easily backup IceWarp to any mail account using the IMAP option and the IMAP format specified in the software interface bar. All you need is the required port number and other details to migrate your IceWarp account to your mail host account without facing any hassle.

If you use an IceWarp account to manage your business accounts, you can easily download and archive emails from the IceWarp web server in email formats, Word documents, text files, web pages and email clients or major webmail services. You can easily download IceWarp on a new server like Microsoft Exchange Server, MS Office 365, etc.

Because IceWarp is an integrated solution for instant messaging, text messaging, web client, webmaster, VoIP manager, Anti-Spam, as well as easy sharing of all emails, contacts and calendars. However, users also face a number of challenges when using IceWarp, so they are looking for a solution to back up IceWarp Cloud mailboxes. However, manual execution is not that simple for users, as it requires a lot of technical knowledge and proves to be a time-limited process. Therefore, it is always desirable for a third-party tool to back up IceWarp Webmail emails, including folders.


Backup IceWarp Emails to Standard Formats

IceWarp Webmail Backup allows users to transfer their IceWarp emails in a variety of file formats, including EMLX, PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, MHT, DOC, XPS, RTF, etc. Once you can easily change the email format to any of these required formats and access IceWarp emails with Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word.

Backup IceWarp to Desktop-based Client

The tool allows users to back up their favorite IceWarp main email clients. Easily backup emails from IceWarp to Windows Live Mail, IceWarp to Lotus Notes or IBM Notes, IceWarp to Zimbra, IceWarp to Thunderbird Mail, IceWarp to Outlook, IceWarp to eM client, Apple Mail, Mac Mail, MDaemon mail client etc.

Backup IceWarp to New Mail Server

This tool allows users to backup IceWarp emails to new servers such as IceWarp to Exchange Server or MDaemon Mail Server. Gives users the direct ability to back up IceWarp to Office 365, IceWarp to Gmail, IceWarp to G Suite, IceWarp to IBM Verse, IceWarp to Yahoo Mail, IceWarp Mail to Rediffmail, IceWarp Mail to Amazon WorkMail or IceWarp Mail to

Restore IceWarp to IMAP Account

This tool allows users to directly restore items from IceWarp to an IMAP account without any restrictions. All you need to provide is an IMAP login, such as email address, IMAP host, password, and IMAP port number. The tool also prompts users to save messages in default folders to maintain the system folder hierarchy on disk.

Preserves On-disk Folder Structure

This software can protect the system folder hierarchy on the disk without changing the fidelity of the emails. Once the conversion process is successfully completed, data management will be easier for users. Users will receive emails in exactly the same folder they were in before the transfer.

Advanced Filters for Selective Backup

This software offers users a number of benefits, including backing up selected IceWarp mailbox items. Users can apply advanced filters based on To, From, Subject, Date, etc. Just enter the values in the labels and then click on the Backup button. One of the best things about this tool is that it asks users to request additional features.

Fetch Mailboxes with Login Credentials

This IceWarp backup tool includes an integrated IceWarp backup option that allows users to seamlessly archive user data with minimal disruption of service. IceWarp backup software does this using intelligent technology and collects all account credentials directly from the user without storing them in their database.

Compatible with Windows OS Device

IceWarp Email Backup is fully compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. Download the IceWarp Webmail Backup solution for free on your computer and install it on all editions of Windows, including Windows 11 and all older editions. The solution also supports your X64 bit of operating systems.

Trial Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will permits you to just product 25 mails from each folders.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum Computer Hardware Requirement for the working of IceWarp Backup Tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the instructions to Backup IceWarp emails:

  • Step 1: Run the solution on your computer.
  • Step 2: Enter your credentials in the panel.
  • Step 3: Select email folders from given panel.
  • Step 4: Select Saving Option and set desired options.
  • Step 5: Start the process to download IceWarp emails.

Yes, when using the trial version, you can only save the first 25 emails from each folder. You need to activate the software to back up all items again.

Yes, the software offers the ability to directly backup IceWarp to a Thunderbird mail client by saving the data to a location in the Thunderbird profile. To reach this user, Thunderbird must be properly installed and configured. The software is able to automatically load the selected default Thunderbird profile location and then import all selected IceWarp mailbox items into the Thunderbird profile path.

In the trial version, you can use one account at a time, while you can also backup multiple accounts based on the licensed versions.

Since IceWarp Webmail stores all of its mailboxes in the cloud, it is always necessary to back up from the cloud to local storage.

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