PDF to XLS Converter

Do not waste time copying text manually. Here is the best utility to convert restricted PDF (edit, print, copy) files into editable Excel spreadsheets with tables and formulas.

  • Converts the entire data of tables including numbers, text, and special characters.
  • Create a separate XLSX file for each large Adobe PDF document.
  • Supports XLS or XLSX files in the most recent Excel versions.
  • Provides dual mode to add a single text file / multiple PDF folders without file size limitations.
  • Provides the option to choose the destination path to store the resultant data.
  • Allows you to select any PDF file for Excel conversion from the Preview panel.
  • Retains the original format of data, including every sheet, table, row, and column.
  • Provides a safer, faster, and virus-free solution as compared to an online tool.
  • Does not require Adobe Acrobat installation to perform conversion.

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Why to Choose PDF to Excel Converter?

Do you want to convert your copy- restricted PDF file to Excel workbook for editing? If yes, then the RecoveryTools PDF to XLS Converter is best choice for you. Developers have created an all-in-one utility to convert PDF tables and content right into an XLSX spreadsheet, where you can edit the contents of each and every row and column. When compared to other products in the market, this utility is pocket-friendly and provides a simple GUI. The software keeps the structure and format of all the rows and columns intact even while converting PDF files in bulk.

batch convert PDF to XLS

Batch Convert PDF to XLS

This tool is capable of converting, one or more PDF files in a few minutes; thus, helping you save a lot of precious time and effort. This utility also allows users to extract PDF attachments without any file size limitations. This tool is good for merging PDF files into one Excel spreadsheet.

convert large PDF tables

Convert Large PDF to Excel

This utility offers a virus-free solution to convert large PDFs to XLSX spreadsheet format and has no file size restrictions. You can even convert a large PDF file in one single Excel file easily. Being able to view all your data in an editable and well-formatted Excel file improves work efficiency and productivity.

free to choose location

Freedom to Choose Desire Location

The PDF to XLS converter has been made keeping the requirements of the end user in mind. You are free to choose a location to store the converted Excel table.If you do not choose any location, then the software will automatically choose your desktop as the default storage location.

selective conversion

Option for Selective Conversion

This is a great feature to prevent unwanted conversions. Once you upload a PDF file into the software, all its data will appear on the software GUI. You can easily check some specific data from the entire PDF file to be converted into the XLSX format.

What Makes the PDF Tables to XLSX Converter the Best Solution?

This PDF to Excel converter is designed with an advanced technical algorithm for converting bulk PDF tables into the XLS table format. Properly tested by technical experts and rated as one of the best and ultimate solutions by many end users, this converter is simple and easy to use for both home and business purposes. This is an offline software that is capable of converting entire PDF files into tables of Microsoft Excel without requiring even Internet connectivity.

This software works with all Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, Vista, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.It is a safe and secure program that not only converts all the tables present in the PDF files into the Excel format accurately but also ensures that the tables remain fully editable and reusable. The user-friendly and interactive interface of the PDF to XLS Converter tool makes the conversion process very simple even for non-techies.

While programming this tool to handle a large quantity of data, our experienced team also kept the role and importance of conversion speed in mind. So, we have finally come up with one of the effective solutions that promises a quick and safe conversion process with 100% accurate results.

PDF to XLS Table Converter Software - Features

dual option to convert PDF tables to XLSX tables

Two Ways to Add PDFs Files

You can upload a PDF file containing tables in two ways:

  1. Select Files: This option allows you to add specific PDF files in the software interface.
  2. Select Folders: This option lets you upload an entire folder containing multiple PDF files. These options help users to explore the location of XLSX files and pick them accordingly.
support latest Excel editions

Create Latest XLSX Table File

This software is perfect for PDF to XLSX Workbook conversion. XLSX is the upgrade version of the XLS file, so it can be easily supported by all the latest Microsoft Excel editions like MS Excel 2022, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. This tool has another option of creating a separate XLSX file for each and every PDF document. This helps users to understand the resultant data even if they do not have much knowledge of the conversion process.

live PDF to Excel conversion

Live Conversion Process

Adobe PDF to Excel spreadsheet converter allows you to view the progress report of the live conversion process. This software shows you the real-time conversion process on the software panel. , but it is helpful for users to understand the conversion progress report. After the conversion, the resultant Excel files are ready to use in all the supported applications such as Microsoft Excel, LibraCalc, OpenCalc, or any other MS Office Suite.

virus free solution
Virus Free Solution

Many PDF to Excel converters are available online however, users do not feel free to upload their crucial PDF files for conversion. This is because an online converter has its own server that can save your files. The RecoveryTools team always keeps your data security first. It cannot save any of your information on our server as it is an offline tool and also a virus-free solution.

preserve original intent
Accurate Conversion Same as the Original PDF

This application allows you to quickly convert entire tables and formulas from PDF to editable Excel spreadsheets. It creates a high-quality file that retains all the data from the original PDF, including tables, formulas, font size, row and column, colour, and borders. In fact, your newly converted document is also fully editable, so you can add more styles and formatting to make it even better.

convert restricted PDF file
Convert Restricted PDF File

If there are any limitations placed on copying, modifying, or printing of the PDF file, then this software eliminates all such restrictions after conversion, making the resultant files fully editable. It accepts restricted PDF files and effortlessly converts them to the XLS format. As a result, you will be able to entirely customize your new document to meet your requirements. However, the *.pdf to *.xls converter does not accept locked PDF files. If any such file is uploaded for conversion, a pop-up message appears asking you to input the PDF password.

PDF to Excel Spreadsheet Converter - Specifications

The Demo Edition will allow you to convert one PDF file to XLS with a company watermark.

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Minimum system requirements for the proper working of RecoveryTools PDF to XLSX converter.

PDF to XLSX Converter Software - Online Video
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any file size limitations to convert PDF to XLS table format?

No, there is no file size limitation for conversion. You can convert PDF tables of any size to XLSX format at once.

Yes, this tool has the advanced option to automatically create an editable XLS file as your original PDF file.

No, this tool does not support a locked PDF file. You need to first unlock your PDF file to change it into an XLSX file.

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