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Best Software to Convert DOCX Files to Adobe PDF Documents & Create Searchable PDF Files.

  • Batch convert multiple Office documents (*.docx, *.doc) to Adobe PDF format
  • Option to save resultant PDF files at the same source location of Word Documents
  • Retain Original Properties of Embedded Objects While Exporting to PDF
  • Resultant PDF is supported by Adobe Reader, Acrobat & other PDF applications.
  • Save DOCX files to searchable PDF files instead of non-searchable PDF files
  • Convert Word document to PDF file to securely share on various devices.
  • Independent DOCX to PDF Converter Software without Adobe Installation
  • Allows to create separate PDF File to each Word DOC / DOCX files.
  • Supports documents from all versions of Microsoft Word including Word 2016.
  • Convert Unlimited DOCX Files to Adobe PDF without Any File Size Limitation

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Team RecoveryTools better understands the pain of industries like how it is the most complicated task for any user to export DOCX files as Adobe PDF documents. PDF documents are the best way to save & protect the information with original formatting. Try this amazing DOC to PDF Converter software to share your documents confidentiality.

Reliable & Simple Interface

DOCX to PDF Converter is designed with a very interactive & user-friendly interface. You can use this powerful application to export DOC files to Adobe PDF documents in a very simple way. It is a highly reliable solution to change your documents as PDF format. There is no need of having any advanced technical knowledge for conversion.

Embedded Object Conversion

The application will preserve all the original formatting of the documents. PDF files are the best solution to store your information in a perfect manner. All the embedded objects within your documents like images, charts, tables, formatted text, page formatting, indents, font colors, strikethrough, etc. will also get converted to PDF file with original components.

Create Searchable PDF Files

The PDF files are designed by Adobe to share information in a more confidential way. Users can share their information in PDF files without any fear of their loss in information. It will create a Searchable PDF file that are perfect for evidence purpose. Users can use these Searchable PDF files for the purpose of legal evidence & submit them with Password Protection.

Independent & 100% Secure

The DOCX to PDF Converter software is fully independent & standalone application. The application will not require any Adobe Reader installation to export DOCX files as PDF documents. It is a highly secured way of converting Doc files to Adobe PDF documents without any worry of data security. Your information will be kept encrypted by this application.


DOCX is a standard extension that includes the content of the test document, images, drawing objects, styles, and other elements. It replaced the DOC format, which was discontinued in 2007, and was used to process Microsoft Word documents. This format allows you to manage different content based on different tools that automate the creation and editing process. To properly view .docx files in earlier versions of Word, you must install a special compatibility package.

PDF is developed by Adobe Systems with native PostScript functionality. PDF documents can be found separate from the operating system or hardware on which they were developed. Various multimedia tools, scan lines and vector images can be included in this file format so that the length, types and possibilities of images are unlimited.

RecoveryTools DOCX to PDF Converter Software is a perfect application to export DOC files to Adobe PDF file. This toolkit supports selective conversion of DOCX files to PDF format in a highly secured manner. It is a completely standalone DOCX to Adobe PDF Converter toolkit that works without even requiring Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat application in your system. Free download the trial version of this application & check out its working.


Convert DOCX to PDF Document

With the help of DOCX to PDF Converter, one can change all types of documents files to PDF, like documents of MS Office 2016, 2007, or 2003, etc. The tool allows to save converted files into Adobe PDF format. This will help to access the DOC files as PDF on multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets, Mac machines, etc. using a PDF Reader in its original format.

Load Documents in Dual Mode

The utility offers dual methods to convert DOCX files into PDF using the software. Users can perform both single as well batch DOC to PDF conversion using this single utility. Either choose Select File option to load single document file & save as PDF. Or upload multiple documents through Select Folder &batch export DOCX to PDF file format.

Offline DOCX to PDF Converter

The best thing about this utility is it works completely in an Offline mode. Hence users no need to have an Internet connection to convert DOCX to PDF file unlike any other Online DOCX to PDF Converter. The software provides a fast & secure conversion of DOC files within your system. It saves the time to upload files into the Server & download the result.

Save Output Files at Desired Folder

The software allows the users to change DOCX file to PDF & save the resultant file in the desired location to easily manage the PDF files. Also, it works in an environment without requiring Microsoft Word installation. But to access the PDF file, users need any PDF supporting applications like Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Unlimited Convert DOC Files to PDF

Choose this utility to perform the limitless conversion of DOCX/ DOC to PDF format. It proves to be the fastest method to convert DOCX to PDF in the most efficient manner. Grab this utility to explore the unlimited functionality of the tool. There are various useful features embedded within this utility that proves to be very advantageous for the common IT users.

Preserve Documents Original Components

After export DOCX to PDF file, the software ensures to maintain the integrity & formatting of the document without any change. The Word file components will have kept completely original and exactly in the same manner as it is. That is the Font Size, type, color, face, image attributes, hyperlinks properties, graphs, embedded pictorials, basic shapes, 3-D effects, shadows, Word Art, etc.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 5 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of DOCX to PDF Converter Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these simple steps to learn DOCX to PDF File Conversion:

  • Step 1: Run DOCX to PDF Converter Tool in Windows OS.
  • Step 2: Choose DOCX/DOC Files to Load in Software.
  • Step 3: Select the Items Displayed for Word Conversion.
  • Step 4: Choose Desired PDF Format from list of 20+ Options.
  • Step 5: Click Convert & analyze Documents Conversion Process.

Yes, the utility supports all types of Word documents including DOC & DOCX to save into PDF files.

Yes, the tool is compatible with all versions of Windows and can be used easily on Windows 10.

Yes, the trial version of this utility supports to convert only first 5 DOCX files to PDF format. It also applies the watermark of RecoveryTools. To remove the watermark, perform conversion with a licensed version of this utility.

No, the tool works without Adobe Reader. So, you can export DOCX to PDF even without any PDF supporting application in your system.

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