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How to Migrate GroupWise to Exchange Server in Quick Steps?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 21st, 2022
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In this tutorial, my co-author Sandy Aniston & I will explore a simple process of how to migrate Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server. We will cover all the areas of the migration from GroupWise email to Exchange account including all phases like planning & preparation.

Phases of GroupWise to Exchange Migration Project Plan:


In the planning phase, we will understand the objectives, challenges, or pain points. The migration of GroupWise to the Exchange process is very complicated.

I will explain here precisely how can a user migrate GroupWise Inbox, Email, Folders, Attachments, Proxy Access, Shared Folders, Archives, Rules to Exchange account.


Before starting the migration process, a user must checklist a few requirements.

  • Disable Exchange Server AutoDiscover settings.
  • UPN & SMTP Addresses are matched.
  • Enable the SOAP environment in GroupWise.
  • Generate CSV file user list for bulk account migration.
  • Prepare Output environment (Create a folder in Exchange).
  • Grant access & disable Throttling through Exchange Management Shell.

Quick Solution:

The Process to migrate GroupWise to Exchange Server account is very easy using GroupWise Migration Tool. Users only need to enter the credentials of their GroupWise account. Also, it will give options for the users to manually map the GroupWise folder to Exchange Server folders.

Free download the trial from the below button:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Migrate Groupwise to Exchange Server:

  • Run the Groupwise to Exchange migration tool.
  • Now, enter Groupwise login credentials to load data.
  • Choose Exchange Server as Saving option.
  • Now, setup Groupwise folder to Exchange Server options i.e., (enter credentials, I am Admin option, mailbox folder mapping).
  • Map Groupwise to Exchange Server manually.
  • Now, click on Backup to initialize the progress.
  • Check Exchange Mailbox account for resultant data.

Benefits of Groupwise to Exchange Migration Toolkit:

This software has an inbuilt facility to map mailbox folders of GroupWise emails to Exchange Server account. It is an excellent tool to perform clean & swift migration. This software will ensure the integrity of emails during the migration process.

  • Migrate Multiple Accounts in Batch Mode:

A user can migrate the GroupWise data to Exchange account in a dual way. Users can choose either multiple mailboxes using Proxy. It also has an option to migrate multiple mailboxes with a batch file. Create a user list CSV file that includes credentials of multiple GroupWise user accounts.

  • Migrate from Any GW Mode:

GroupWise to Exchange Migration tool supports conversion of mailboxes in different modes i.e., Online, Remote Mailbox, Caching mailbox, & Archive, etc. Select the appropriate option to initialize the conversion process.

  • Map GroupWise Folders with Exchange Server:

This utility has a special ability to map GroupWise folders to Exchange Server account. The utility will help in migrate GroupWise public folders into the Exchange Server account. Sometimes a user needs to change the names of the folders to migrate data. But, this software has an automatic function to map mailbox folders.

  • Export only Selective Data:

This application had an advanced option to export only selective GroupWise data into the Exchange Server account. A user can apply the advanced filter settings on the basis of Date Range, From, To, or Subject. Users can also request more features for other attachment files.

  • 100% Safe & Secure Toolkit:

With this application, a user will get completely accurate results. This software is 100% safe & secure to perform the conversion.

  • Preview Migration Process:

A user can preview the live conversion process directly in the software panel. In the end, it will create a SavingLog report that includes all the information like Source Path, Destination folder, number of items converted, etc.

Experts Comments:

Our software has advanced features to ease the complete migration process. Our utility is tried & tested by Industry experts. So, here are some of their reviews:

I am working as a system administrator to manage the mailboxes of my account. Currently, we are using the GroupWise email service. But, now our team is switching to Exchange Server. We tried the RecoveryTools solution to migrate data & find amazing results.
– Carlos Stewart, USA

I tried the free demo of this utility that converts the first 25 emails from each folder. And, I found amazing results after the process finished successfully. Hence, I purchased the licensed edition of it. So, I personally will like to recommend this toolkit for all the users who want to switch from a GroupWise account to Exchange Server.
– Sophie Riyaz, Brisbane

FAQs on GroupWise to Exchange Server Migration:

Can I migrate data from GroupWise to Live Exchange Server?

Yes, you can migrate your GroupWise data to a live Exchange environment.

Can I transfer GroupWise mailboxes to Exchange Server without installing the GroupWise desktop client?

Sure, it is a completely standalone application to migrate your data. There is no need for the configuration of GroupWise to Exchange Server in your system.

So, is there any file size limitation imposed for the migration?

No, there is no file size limitation imposed during GroupWise to Exchange Server migration.

Will I get technical support during night time? I have a large chunk of data to migrate & hence it will take overnight time.

Yes, we provide 24*7*365 live chat support. You can get technical support overnight continuously.

So, does it support batch conversion of multiple GroupWise emails to the Exchange account?

Yes, it supports the batch conversion of multiple GroupWise emails to the Exchange Server account. You only need to create a CSV file & list login credentials in it. Now, enter the CSV file in the software.

Closing Remarks:

GroupWise to Exchange Migration Project Plan is a complete resource package to transfer your data. Also, it is one of the best solutions available at present time to accomplish the migration. This application is compatible with all the latest versions & editions of Microsoft Windows OS including Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.