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Easily Import MSG files into Apple Mail – Quick Steps

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 17th, 2024
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Easily simplify the process of importing MSG into the Apple Mail client. You can now open Windows Outlook emails and messages in Mac Mail or the Apple Mail client.

Microsoft Outlook stores your e-mails and messages in a single MSG file. Each MSG file will contain information about a single Outlook e-mail, along with information about attachments and metadata.

MSG files are encrypted by nature, so they cannot be opened in any other e-mail client or program. Therefore, Outlook is always preferred in a corporate environment.

The real problem occurs when the user switches from Windows to Mac. I also faced the same problem a few months ago.

Fortunately, I received a fantastic MSG for Apple Mail migration software, which offers a direct option.

The Apple Mail email client is installed by default on all newer Mac OS computers. Allows you to open and import emails and messages in EMLX file format. Unfortunately, it did not open MSG files to read e-mail information.

I have no choice but to convert MSG files to EMLX format. The process has never been easier. I tried it manually for hours but failed to convert all the components of my Outlook MSG emails.

My personal experience – Never trust free guides and tricks – If you love your data

How can I safely import MSG files into Apple Mail?

The answer to this question is not so simple, but I will try to present the simplest and most reliable solution here. I posted a question on the forum platform, which I also mentioned below:

I use a Microsoft Outlook email client and have several MSG files on my system ready to migrate to the Apple Mail client. As a Mac user, I have some concerns about how to open MSG files in the Mac Mail client. Please help me resolve my concerns as soon as possible. All answers are most welcome.

In response to the previous question, I received many solutions. I tried many, but the best results I got were obtained using RecoveryTools MSG Migrator Software. It is a pain relief tool that provides a direct way to convert MSG files to EMLX format.

Once I have received all my Outlook emails as EMLX files, the process of importing MSG files into the Apple Mail client becomes very simple. Watch the video to learn more about how MSG to Mac Mail Converter works.

Still having trouble using this software, so will I provide a guide to the correct screenshots below?

Instructions for Moving MSG into a Mac mail client:

You can download a free trial of MSG to EMLX Converter from the button below.

download button

The free MSG to Apple Mail Converter tool exports only the first 25 MSG e-mail messages from each folder to the Mac Mail client. If you want to convert an unlimited number of files with no size limit, purchase a licensed edition.

Import Outlook MSG files to a format supported by Apple Mail in just five easy steps:

  1. Install & Run software & load MSG files.msg to apple mail
  2. Choose all required Message folders.convert msg to emlx
  3. Select the EMLX option from the list of saving formats.msg to mac mail migration
  4. Setup MSG to EMLX options in its panel.msg to apple mail converter
  5. Analyze live MSG to Apple Mail migration process.import msg file to apple mail client

Isn’t it so much a simple procedure to import MSG to an Apple Mail client?

Advantages of choosing a professional tool for Importing MSG Files:

There is a famous quote in this technological world:

If you use a product for free, then you are a product.

Yes, when you try to get something for free, it has many consequences. Your data will no longer be safe. In case of incorrect data processing, you cannot reply to anyone.

But when using a licensed product, things change completely. The company providing the MSG to Apple Mail conversion tool was fully responsible for completing the email migration. In the event of a software failure, they also have a refund policy.

So, choose your options wisely and I personally recommend that you choose the licensed edition of RecoveryTools MSG to Mac Mail migration software. It also has other top features:

  • Supports batch processing of Outlook MSG emails for import into Apple Mail client.
  • A completely independent and stand-alone application without the need to install Outlook software.
  • By default, save EMLX output files to the desktop. But it also has the ability to change the location of the output file. The user can also directly create a new folder to store the files.
  • There are several file naming conventions that are useful for storing EMLX files properly.
  • Convert the first 25 emails for free with a free trial.
  • It can run on all versions and editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. For both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

In Conclusion:

The above article is a perfect example of how to convert MSG files to the Apple Mail client. The process becomes very easy and simple after using the MSG to Mac Mail migration tool. If you are also migrating from Windows to Mac OS and are facing such problems, this tutorial will definitely make your day.