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Know How to Export e-mail from MyOffice Mail to MHT in Batch

Karen Chard ~ Published: 28-02-2019 ~ MyOffice Mail ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you are from one of them who are looking for the solution to export e-mail from Myoffice Mail to MHT but getting issues while conversion or not getting any solution. Then we have the excellent solution for you that is MyOffice Mail to MHT Converter Software. This is the one of the best way to transfer your Mailbox data from MyOffice Mail to MHT in batch.

As we know that MyOffice Mail is the most popular and trusted Email client and mail server available for Russian language users. It is widely used by mostly Russian linguistic users. It allows users to manage the user’s personal information, such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, attachments, etc. but the main problem is that Russian firm has its users globally so using MyOffice Email client for management of email and other information is not a good choice.

That is the main reason behind the large no of users want to Upload Emails and other important information from Myoffice Mail to MHT and other file format. It is due to Microsoft is the wonderful source of multiple file format and it is globally accepted by the millions of users. MHT is a web page archive file format that stores the contents of a web page and includes external documents such as images, applets, Flash animations, etc., to HTML documents. And the advantage of a web archive file is that it allow users to save multiple files in a single .MHT file.

How to Migrate MyOffice Mail to MHT?

In the above video tutorial, we get to know about how to Migrate MyOffice Mail to MHT in just few clicks. Here we will take the help of our most professional toolkit which allow the users to convert MyOffice Mail to MHT Directly. There are multiple users who are searching for the solution to upload user’s mailboxes from MyOffice Mail to MHT. There are large number of requests we received from various platforms:

We are using MyOffice Mail as source email client and one of our client want to upload their e-mails and attachment in MHT format. First, I searched & tried for various manual methods to do so but unfortunately, I failed to make any impressions about it. Kindly please suggest me a powerful and expertise MyOffice Mail to MHT migration tool which makes all this process very easier for me.

  • Reÿen Adamson, Russia

From this above queries, we can analyze that there are million users who are searching for the excellent and easy way to perform this task. For these kind of users, we have an ultimate RecoveryTools MyOffice Mail Migration tool that will help users to import email from MyOffice Mail to MHT directly without losing single bit of data.

Free Download MyOffice Mail to MHT Converter Tool:


We are giving you the free DEMO version of this amazing utility to check its functionality. The DEMO version of the software will allows a user to Export first 25 email messages from MyOffice Mail to MHT. And the best thing about the software is that the software comes up with the 20+ saving options. In case Once a user satisfy with the demo version and willing to migrate complete data from MyOffice Mailbox to MHT, then user can purchase the appropriate license to perform the conversion. And working of the software is very easy and simplified. You can check the below steps to perform conversion easily:

Step 1.  Install and Run the MyOffice Mail to MHT converter tool.

Step 2.  The tool comes up with the dual options either you can migrate configure MyOffice Mailbox data or you can select files/folders to browse the MyOffice Mailbox data.

Step 3.  Choose the MyOffice Mailbox folder that you want to convert.

Step 4.  Click on NEXT Button to proceed further.

Step 5.  Now you can select mailboxes items that you want to export in MHT Format.

Step 6.  Choose MHT option from the list of 20+ saving format list.MyOffice Mail to MHT

Step 7.  Now click on NEXT button to start the conversion process.MyOffice Mail to MHT

Step 8.  Once migration process finished click on OK button to exit from here.MyOffice Mail to MHT

Some Highlighted Features of MyOffice Mail to MHT Converter Tool:

  • The software preserves all the components of MyOffice Mail during the conversion in a secured environment without making changes in its original content.
  • Export single or multiple Emails from MyOffice Mail to MHT as the toolkit provides dual ways to load MyOffice Data or the whole folder containing MyOffice Mail i.e. Add Files or Add Folders.
  • The software is capable to convert unlimited data from MyOffice Mail to MHT without facing any size limitations.
  • The utility allows the users to convert MyOffice Email, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes to another email client.
  • The interface of this utility is very interactive & user-friendly for the technical & non-technical users.
  • The MyOffice Mail to MHT Migration toolkit is compatible with all latest versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

The Verge: In this article, we get to know how can a user migrate MyOffice Mail to MHT format. The amazing and efficient utility proves to be very beneficial for the users to export MyOffice Mail to MHT without making alteration in original content of the MyOffice Mailbox items. You can evaluate this amazing utility for free by using the Trial edition of the software.