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How to Export Jamboard Files? Quick and Simple Solutions

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On April 2nd, 2024
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After Google announced to shut down Jamboard services, many users are trying to export Jamboard files!

Summary: Welcome to our blog. Here we will introduce you some instant, easy and simple methods to backup Jamboard files. Moreover, this is going to be an ultimate guide where we will also discuss what is Jamboard, what is Jamboard used for, Google announcement for shutting down Jamboard services and also the importance to download Jamboard files as soon as possible. Let’s get into the article.

Jamboard and It’s Uses

Before we export Jamboard files, let’s know a few things about Jamboard in brief.

Google Jamboard is a digital collaboration platform enabling users to collaborate in real time on a virtual whiteboard interface. Integrated with Google Workspace, this whiteboard can be shared among Workspace users, like Google Docs or Sheets. Each authorized user can access and edit the shared “Jam” from their device.

The features of Google Jamboard makes it a useful collaboration tool where they can write and draw using mouse, finger, or stylus. Users can efficiently add sticky notes, text, images, and shapes to generate and organize ideas.

Why is it Important to Export Jamboard Files?

Google has officially announced that Jamboard will be no longer available after 31st December 2024 across Web, iOS, Android, and Google Meet devices. However users can download and backup Jamboard files only till that date.

After December 31, 2024, the Jamboard app will be completely shut down and your Jamboard data will be permanently deleted. So if you have important data in your Janboard, then export Jamboard files before it gets lost.

How to Export Jamboard Files?

Users can download Jamboard files in PDF format. Here we have mentioned 4 possible ways to download Jamboard files using Drive, Google takeout, Jamboard. You can implement any of them that suits best for you.

1st Method: Backup Jamboard Files from Drive

  1. Open drive.google.com or Google drive app.
  2. Enter type:Jam in the search bar and click Search button.
  3. Select the Jamboard files you want to download.
  4. After selecting, Click on three dots (more actions).
  5. Click on the Download button in the menu to export Jamboard files.

2nd Method: Download Jamboard Files using Google Takeout

  1. Open Google takeout and Go to Select data to include.
  2. Click Deselect all and select only Google Drive.
  3. Scroll down and click the Next button.
  4. Select Destination, Frequency and File type & size.
  5. Lastly click on the “Create Export” button.

3rd Method: Export Jamboard Files Using Jamboard

  1. Open Google Jamboard.
  2. Start or Open a jam to backup Jamboard files.
  3. Click on the three dots (more options).
  4. Select “Share Jam as PDF”.
Note: Using these methods, you will export Jamboard files in PDF format. However the length of PDF files depends on the size of your Jambord file. Moreover, to manage and organize downloaded Jambord files in an efficient manner, you can use the tools we have listed below.

Top Tools to Manage Jamboard Files After Backup

1. Split Jamboard File into Small Files

After you receive your large Jamboard files in PDF format, you can split PDF into multiple files to make it smaller. PDF Splitter Software is the best tool that allows to split Jamboard files into small files and store them without occupying space. It provides multiple split options to ease the task after you export Jamboard files. split Jamboard files

2. One-stop Solution to Manage Jamboard Files

After exporting Jamboard files, you may find it frustrating to manage them. In this situation PDF Manager Software stands out the best choice. It’s a multi-tasking tool to manage Jamboard files. Such as, it can disable copying, erase scripts, delete images, remove empty pages, compress or reduce Jamboard file size, select expiry data of Jamboard file, etc. manage Jamboard files

3. Create Presentation of Jamboard Files

PDF to PPT Converter Tool will allow you to create a presentation of your Jamboard files and make it more presentable for your business. This tool offers the easiest solution to convert a Jamboard file into PowerPoint slides. convert Jamboard files into PPT


Google has decided to discontinue Jamboard services, so it is crucial to export Jamboard files before 31 December 2024. Our guide offers simple methods to backup Jamboard files into PDF format to ensure your important Jambaord file data is secure even after the service termination.


1. Why is Jamboard shutting down its services?

Ans. The reason behind this shutdown is; Customers find whiteboard tools like FigJam, Lucidspark, and Miro work better.

2. What will happen after the Jamboard shuts down?

Ans. After the shutdown, Jamboard services will no longer be accessible, and all data stored on Jamboard will be permanently deleted. So users are recommended to export Jamboard files before the date.

3. How will I manage my Jamboard file?

Ans. Backup Jamboard files and use the tool we mentioned above to manage and organize your Jamboard file more efficiently.