How to Download Picture from PDF File to Desktop ?

Karen Chard | February 17th, 2020 | PDF

Hi! I am looking for a solution to download picture from PDF. I am having PDF files that contain various pictures embedded in them. Can anyone tell me how to download a picture from PDF file to Desktop? Also, I have multiple documents. So, suggest some solutions using which I can download all pictures from multiple PDF together.

Last week, we got the above-mentioned query for how to download picture from PDF to desktop. So, we have given an appropriate solution to solve this query. If you are also looking for a solution to download pictures from PDF documents, keep reading the following blog and find the best possible way.

There are many solutions available to download PDF pictures. But, most of these solutions do not maintain the picture quality and resolution of downloaded files. Recovery Tools PDF Image Extractor us a multi-purpose and efficient solution to download picture from PDF. Using this solution you can download any number of pictures from a PDF with original quality. Before discussing much about the solution, let us first know the steps to download picture files from PDF documents.

How to Download Picture from a PDF ? – Steps

Follow the given steps and download pictures from PDF files:

1. Firstly, download, install and run the tool on your Windows PC.

2. From Select Folders or Select Files options, add the required PDF files.


3. Now, choose PDF files from added folders to download pictures. Click on Next.


4. After that, select the Destination Path to save downloaded pictures.


5. Click on the Convert button. Soon all the pictures from PDF files will be downloaded.

downloading process

Note: The tool to download picture from PDF shows the number of attachments found in each PDF file once you have added them. So, from here, you can check the number of pictures found in a particular PDF.

Utility to Save Picture from PDF to Desktop

The solution to download picture from PDF documents is a professional approach to save pictures from multiple PDF at once. Using this tool, you can download multiple picture files together without disturbing the original quality. Also, the picture quality is well-maintained after downloading is complete.

There is a free demo version available for this utility. You can install and run it to experience the working of the tool. But, it allows to convert only some limited pictures from PDF. To download unlimited files from PDF in bulk, go with the licensed edition of the tool.


Features & Specifications – PDF Picture Downloader

1. The tool to download picture from PDF is a useful solution. It can be installed on all the versions of Windows Operating System. You can use it on any latest or older version of Windows OS.

2. With this multi-featured software, you can download multiple pictures from PDF without any limitation. Also, batch conversion is also possible.

3. The dual-mode allows us to Add Files or Add Folder containing PDF documents as per our need. We can add multiple files together directly.

4. Also, the PDF Picture downloaded has a very simple user interface. Any type of user can save pictures from PDF using this tool.

5. The software shows the number of pictures found in each PDF file.


In the above blog, we have mentioned a complete solution to download picture from PDF. So, to get pictures from PDF with original resolution and formatting, you can use the above-suggested solution. Also, there is a free demo version available for the tool. You can try it for a better experience.