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How to Convert TXT to DOC? Best Way to Do it!

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Rollins Duke
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Published On January 16th, 2024
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Do you want to Convert TXT to DOC, but don’t know how? Just follow along the article to learn!

TXT files is a short form for Text files and these files are basically blank notepads. These files just contain plain text and have no formatting or special elements within them.

Hi Experts! “I have a text file with important content that I need to format and share with others. I’d like to convert it to a Word document so I can add headings, adjust fonts, and create a more professional-looking document. Can you please guide me through the steps to convert my TXT file to DOC?”

Just like the above user, many users want to convert TXT file to DOC because, there are some major disadvantages of this format like, lack of formatting and layout options, security concerns as the TXT files lack encryption and makes it vulnerable, incapability to store complex information like graphs and multimedia. Therefore, in this article we are gonna discuss how to convert TXT to DOC in the most effective manner.

Let us begin by understanding the need to convert TXT file to DOC!

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Need to Convert TXT file to DOC

  • Enhanced Readability: TXT files can be harder to read especially if it’s long. Converting it to DOC solves the issue because it has formatting features such as Headings, Paragraphs, Bold, Italics, Fonts, etc.
  • Professional Appeal: If you are presenting something in a professional setting, having your data in DOC format makes it more appealing, polished and more organized.
  • Additional Features: DOC format files consist of many additional features like Tables, Charts, Images, etc. These are essential if the user wants their content to have more functionality and multimedia elements.

Automated Solution to Convert Text file to DOC

The RecoveryTools TXT Converter is an Exceptional tool that is capable of converting any TXT file into various formats. This state of the art tool can be the ultimate solution for all your TXT file related issues.

Some Features of this tool:

  • Batch Conversion: This tool allows the user to convert TXT to DOC in batches.
  • Saving Options: This tool provides 15+ options to save TXT files to its users.
  • Local Installation: The user can install this software in their own PC’s and Laptops. This provides the user security against potential data breaches.

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Steps to Convert TXT to DOC

  1. Install and Run the software.
    install and run
  2. The tool will provide you dual options to select files: “Select files” & “Select folders”.
    add txt files
  3. After choosing the option of your preference, select the TXT files and click on “Next”.
    select files
  4. Choose the required “Saving option”.
    saving options
  5. Next, you’ll get an option to add, email from “From email address”.
    add email
  6. Now, you can select the saving location by using the “Browse” option.
    browse destination
  7. Click on “Convert” to begin the conversion process.
  8. After the successful conversion, click the “OK” button.
    click ok button

Benefits of Automated Solution to Convert TXT File to DOC

  • Layout & Formatting: Unlike the TXT files, the DOC files enable its users to use many different formatting options like font styles, bold, italics, etc, which in turn makes that document visually appealing and more comprehensible.
  • Compatibility: The DOC format is widely acceptable and compatible with all professional setups.
  • Grammar Tools: Built in Spell check systems and other Grammar checking software are usually compatible with DOC files, which is not the case with the TXT format files.
  • Presentability: DOC files have the features for formatting and setting proper layouts which makes the files appealing and much more presentable but TXT files can’t do this.

These were some of the advantages of using this method to convert TXT file to DOC.


In this technical blog we have discussed the best way to convert TXT to DOC. In the method we have used an expert’s suggested automated tool that is the one stop destination for all the problems regarding the TXT conversion. If you are still not convinced, do give this tool a try. It provides 5 free conversions on a trial basis. We hope you got what you were looking for through this article.