OLM to ICS Converter

Export Mac Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2011 OLM Calendar to ICS File Format

  • Convert OLM files to ICS format in bulk at once.
  • Dual options to upload Mac Outlook files easily.
  • Instantly & Quickly Convert OLM Calendars to iCal Files
  • Simple User Interface to Extract iCalendar File from OLM Calendars.
  • Allow migrating selected Mac Outlook OLM files from the tool.
  • Save Resultant ICS File at User Specified or by Default at Desktop
  • Standalone Application without Requiring Outlook Email Client
  • OLM to ICS Converter Tool Compatible with Latest Windows OS Versions

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Why RecoveryTools OLM to iCal Converter Tool?

At RecoveryTools, we better understand the needs of industrial users to provide an efficient solution to convert OLM to ICS format. OLM to ICS Converter is one best application that allows exporting Mac Outlook OLM Calendars to iCalendar easily. Furthermore, the tool's UI is intuitive and straightforward to use for both experts and beginners.

Reduce iCalendar File

OLM to ICS Conversion Reduce File Size

Converting OLM iCalendar and saving in ICS format reduces the file size because only calendar information can be stored in the .ics file, even though OLM is a combination of all the information. If you convert OLM to ICS format, you will get a reduced-size ICS file.

Export OLM Calendar

Export OLM Calendar Entries

An OLM file contains email, contacts, calendar, notes, journals, etc. but sometimes, users want to export only calendar data. the OLM to ICS converter tool allows users to export only calendar information to ICS format separately.

Convert OLM to ICS

Convert OLM to ICS with All Details

Internet users can easily send meeting requests, appointments, and activity data to others. This tool was developed using advanced algorithms to migrate OLM users' calendars to Outlook for Mac with full data. the OLM to ICS converter will preserve all items on the calendar including Meetings, Dates, Reminders, etc.

Batch Export Multiple OLM to iCal Files

Batch Export Multiple OLM to iCal Files

It turns out to be the best choice for users as it provides a dual way to export Mac Outlook calendar to iCal or ICS files. the software has the power to convert Mac Outlook OLM files to ICS format in bulk without any file size limitations. This feature helps users for bulk conversion of unlimited data at once.

Dual Options in OLM to ICS calendar

Dual Options to Add OLM Calendar

The app has two ways of uploading data from old calendar files. If a user just wants to upload one file of olm calendars, they may use the select files option, but if they want to add one or more folders containing an infinite amount of data, they can use the pick folders option.

Convert Unlimited OLM to ICS

Convert Unlimited OLM to ICS

RecoveryTools OLM to ICS Converter can be used to export unlimited Mac OLM files to iCalendar format with no file size limit. It also includes a free trial that only converts the first 25 items. To perform unlimited conversion of OLM files to ICS format, simply activate the software.

OLM to iCal Converter

Standalone OLM to ICS Converter

OLM to ICS Converter is now a completely standalone application. You can use it without installing the Outlook email client. It is a 100% independent program that preserves all the original metadata and properties of calendar entries, including events, reminders, and calendar attachments.

 All Windows OS

Run on All Windows OS Devices

No need to use Mac OS to convert OLM to ICS. The OLM to ICS Converter is designed for the Windows operating system and is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc., and also supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions systems. Windows.

Best OLM Calendar to ICS Converter - Demo Limitations & Pre-Requisites

The free demo edition will allow you to only export 25 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet the following minimum System Requirement for the working of OLM to ICS Converter.

How to Convert OLM Calendar to ICS Format in Bulk? – Video Tutorial

OLM to ICS Converter Tool – FAQ

How to Convert OLM to ICS Files?

5 Simple Steps to Convert OLM Files to ICS Format:

  • Step 1: Install & Run OLM to ICS Converter.
  • Step 2: Load OLM files in dual ways i.e., Select Files/Select Folders.
  • Step 3: Choose Items for the Conversion & Click the Next button.
  • Step 4: Select ICS option & Setup all Required options.
  • Step 5: Start Conversion & Access Output ICS files.

Yes, the software is developed using a very simple approach and therefore does not require additional knowledge of Calendar migration methods. Just download the program and use it.

Yes, you can only export the first 25 calendar entries to ICS files with free OLM to ICS conversion software.

No, with this app you can export unlimited Mac Outlook files to iCal.

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