Add multiple users to Office 365 or Exchange Server in one go

(Applies to Administrator accounts having Impersonation and Mail Delegation access)

Steps to Create a CSV file Using Notepad

Step-1: Run Notepad in your system.

Run Notepad

Step-2: Write down the user name and user account with a comma in between. For example the account details you wanted to add is Happy John with account id [email protected]. Enter the name in Notepad as Happy John then type a comma and then type [email protected] (Happy John, [email protected] with no space preceding or following comma) then press ENTER button for a new entry.

Notepad Entry

Step-3: Save the file as CSV with desired name. In the ‘File name’ box type your filename followed by .csv and keep the ‘Save as type’ Text Documents and click Save.

Save Notepad

You have successfully created the CSV file using Notepad. You can use Microsoft Excel as well to save the data in CSV format.

View CSV File

Step-4: Consider the scenario of converting user mailboxes to Office 365. Open the software and click on Select folders to select your 100+ mailbox folders. Click on Next and check the mailbox folders to be converted and click next. Select Saving Option as Office 365 or Exchange Server.

Open MBOX migrator

Step-5: Enter your Office 365 administrator credentials and check ‘I am Admin’ option. To process the migration, the admin id should have Mail Delegation and Impersonation rights.

Office 365 login

Step-6: Select the saved CSV files containing 100+ user names and accounts under the admin id.

Upload CSV

Step-7: Click on Next and inspect the auto-mapping of the accounts and map the un-mapped accounts if you have any. Click on convert. Your migration process will start now.