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Best Software to Export Microsoft Word Documents (*.docx/*.doc) files to Text format.

  • Convert Multiple Word Documents to Text Files in Batch Mode
  • Generate Separate Text file for each Microsoft Word Document
  • No Need for Microsoft Word Installation to Save Word to Text Files
  • Create High Quality Documents While Converting DOC to Text Files
  • DOCX to Text Converter will to Save Output Files at Desired Location
  • Word to Text converter with dual options to Load DOC/DOCX files
  • Convert Unlimited Microsoft Word Documents to Text With No Issue
  • Easy to Use & Simplified Interface of DOC to Text Conversion Tool
  • Option to Save Output Text Files in Source Folder with Word to TXT tool
  • Compatible with All Latest Versions & Editions of Microsoft Windows OS

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One of the Best utilities to convert Word to Text file by changing document attributes from DOCX to RTF (Wordpad) or DOCX to TXT (Notepad). Team RecoveryTools ensures a secured toolkit for the conversion of Microsoft Word Documents to Text file. All the properties of your Documents will be kept original while changing the format.

Supports All Rich Text Formatting

Word to TXT Converter software is designed with advanced algorithms to change the formatting of documents. It will support all the Rich Text formatting components embedded within the documents. All the rich text components included with the document will also get converted like Images, Hyperlinks, Text Formatting, Document Formatting etc. to Text format.

Process Batch File Conversion

DOCX to Text Converter software is designed to save time of users to perform conversion. It supports batch conversion of multiple Word doc files to Text format. It comes up with dual ways i.e. Select Files option, that will provide you an option to choose selective Word Doc file or Select Folder option to choose all the Word DOC files from a folder.

Create High Quality Documents

RecoveryTools DOCX Migrator is state-of-the-art software to export Word Documents to text file. The software will not make any loss to the original contents of Microsoft Word document files while changing them to RTF or Text files. The software will generate a very high quality of resultant documents that can be easily open into Notepad or WordPad program.

100% Safe & Secure Toolkit

DOC to Text Converter software is one of the amazing software available at present time to export Microsoft Word Documents (*.doc/*.docx) files to Text document. It will create two different types of Document file like RTF (WordPad) or TXT (Notepad) files. It is one of the finest solution available at present time for taking backup of the documents.


Microsoft Word documents can usually contain formatted text. As formats evolve, document files can contain various components, such as tables and graphs and other applications, as well as multimedia files, such as videos, images, audio and tablets. DOC files can also contain email information so that you can use text templates in tables or databases.

TXT files often use letters, numbers and symbols. A typical example is the ASCII character set. Unicode is the main alternative to ASCII. Unicode is a simultaneous text file format. The plain text file must contain some non-expressive characters. B. line breakers, guides and rivers. The files are usually just plain text and have no format. TXT files can be opened by almost any text-enabled application.

With RecoveryTools Word to Text Converter software a user can easily export all the details of Microsoft Word Document to a Text file. This application comes up with a free trial version that will allow the users to change first 5 items from each folder completely free of cost. You can check the working of this tool by downloading its free trial edition.


Convert DOCX to RTF File

Word to Text converter allows the users to save Word documents including both .docx as well .doc files to RTF format. User can keep his Word document in Rich Text formatting and can easily open in much simpler Word Processor programs like WordPad in case MS Word is not installed in your system. User can open, read, view, and edit the DOCX file in WordPad as RTF file.

Export Word to TXT File

One can also save Microsoft Word documents as plain text files by changing their file attributes from .docx or .doc to .txt file. When a user performs conversion of DOCX or DOC file to TXT format, all the formatting from Word file is removed and only plain text remains after the conversion of DOCX to TXT. One can open the plain Text file in Notepad, Notepad++, or simple text editors.

Create Separate Text File

The utility keeps integrity of the document well maintained and hence in case a user has number of files, then the software will create separate Text file for each Microsoft Word document. One can receive DOCX files as separate .txt or .rtf documents on user specified location. These plain text files or Rich Text files can easily be open on Windows OS without Word installation.

Convert Unlimited Word Docs

Word to TXT conversion tool does not possess any file or size limitation in licensed version. One can convert unlimited Word DOCX or DOC to text file. Trial version of the DOCX to Text Converter offers a limit to convert only first 5 Word documents to text files. To explore all features and unlimited conversion of Word files to TXT, purchase the license of the utility as per desires.

Save Resultant Files at Source Path

This DOCX Converter tool has much advantages over other converter utilities like it provides users to save the resultant Text files at the same source location where all Word files are present already before conversion. The tool to convert DOCX to TXT will save all files exactly with the same name as it was before conversion, the only difference between both is their file format & saving extensions.

Dual Ways to Load Word Files

The utility supports both methods to import file into software i.e. single file conversion for selective Word files or Batch file conversion by selecting all Word files from a folder. One can perform this by choosing Add Files or Add Folders option respectively for single and batch Word to RTF file conversion within a blink of eye as it is one of the fastest utilities at present.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 5 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of DOCX to Text Converter Tool

Watch How to Export DOCX Files to Text ?
Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these simple steps to learn DOCX to Text File Conversion:

  • Step 1: Run DOCX to Text Converter Tool in Windows OS.
  • Step 2: Choose DOCX/DOC Files to Load in Software.
  • Step 3: Select the Items Displayed for Word Conversion.
  • Step 4: Choose Desired Text Format from list of 20+ Options.
  • Step 5: Click Convert & analyze Documents Conversion Process.

No, TXT files contains only plain text hence all images will be omitted when you convert Word DOC file to .txt format. But if you want to keep your images in document inserted, then you can change Word DOC to RTF file as it allows to keep rich text formatting.

Yes, Off Course, the software allows to convert orphaned .docx or .doc file to .rtf format easily. There is no requirement for any third-party utility for the working of utility.

This is another useful feature of this tool as one can now save all the resultant text files exactly at the same location where source Word files are located. It helps the users to verify and analyze the working of tool in case of large number of files.

Yes, basically Word 97-2003 files i.e. *.doc or Word 2007-2016 i.e.*.docx files cannot be open in Notepad properly. But you can change the Word file to plain text file by changing its file format to .txt. TXT files can be easily open in Notepad.

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