VMDK Recovery Tool

Recover data from VMDK Virtual files Created with VMware Workstation

  • Recover Deleted file & Folder from VMDK Virtual Machine Files in easy steps.
  • Support to recover data from VMware Workstation, Server, ESXi, vSphere, View, etc.
  • Recover Data from Formatted and lost Partition data from Selected VMDK files.
  • VMDK Recovery Tool support to restore data from VMware Virtual Machine file.
  • Raw mode to recover specific files and data from selected VMware Workstation files.
  • Recover Lost, Missing files or data from VMDK Virtual Disk Partition.
  • Recover data from VMware virtual machines failed to start and shows black screen.
  • Support Microsoft Windows Operating System including Windows 11, 10 x64/x86 bits.
  • Successfully supports to retrieve unlimited data of your VMDK storage.
  • Ability to recover corrupted or highly corrupted data from VMDK files.

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VMDK Recovery Tool

The RecoveryTools team is better at understanding the needs of customers and is continually looking for new methods to help consumers grasp the value of Data Storage devices. RecoveryTools VMDK Recovery Tool is a quick, effective, and simple-to-use data recovery program that allows users to swiftly recover crucial data from VMDK files.

VMDK Recovery is the most trustworthy and secure solution for retrieving VMDK files / folders data in a few simple steps. This program will assist you in recovering data from VMDK storage files that have been severely corrupted. This program will provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Recovers Files From VMware Virtual VMDK Files

Recovers From VMware Virtual VMDK Files

VMware Recovery Software comes with many function modes to restore files and folders data from selected VMDK files. This software can also restore data from recycle bin and Shift + Deleted to physical storage location. The software support deep scan recovery mode for restore data of VMDK with best graphical users interface.

Get Data Back from VMDK Virtual Machine Files

Get Data from VMDK Virtual Machine Files

If you lost your data without taking backup, so don't worry VMDk recovery tool can restore all your formatted data from VMDK or VMware application virtual files. The software Recover data from virtual drive partitions of .vmdk virtual machine with best interface platform and better VMDK restore services.

Support Large numbers of VMware Application

Support Large Numbers of VMware App

This VMDK recovery tool support large numbers of VMware application files such as support to recover data from VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware Server, VMware Fusion, VMware ESXi, VMware ESX, VMware Workstation Pro, VMware Infrastructure, VMware vSphere, VMware View, VMware GSX, etc. Virtual machine support VMDK Virtual image files to recover data easily.

Support various File system and Operating System

Support All File System and OS

VMDK VMware is most popular Virtual platform to run multiple Operating System with low hardware configuration. VMware Recovery tool allows you to recover all types of files from any Operating System VMDK files such as Windows.vmdk, Mac OS.vmdk, Linux.vmdk, etc. operating System VMDK files can be restore easily with VMDK Restore application tool.

Highly Rated Application to Retrieve VMDK Data

IT users and administrators universally agree that it is the best service offered. We guarantee that this application will provide you with results that are 100 percent correct. Whatever you do with your VMDK files, this program will take care of it for you and provide you with a healthy VMDK file. Additionally, the user-friendly interface of this program is beneficial to all types of users. This program may be used by both non-technical and technical users without the need for any specialized training.

VMDK Recovery Software Other Eye-Catching Features & Benefits

Recover specific and same types VMDK Files

Recover Specific & Same Types VMDK Files

Raw VMware Recovery mode can be used to restore specific anf same file types of data from any VMDK Virtual image file. The software can support large numbers of file types such as audio, music, video, images, raw files, document files, emails files, graphic images, system files, etc. types of files can be restore easily. The software support all VMware and other virtual machine VMDK files.

Inbuilt Option to Search Files in Application Panel

Search Specific Data Items from VMDK

After selected Recovery mode software start analysing process of selected virtual disk image file recoverable data. The software provide an option to search recoverable data from analysing result and select required items from selected VMDK files and press restore option to start recovery process easily without facing any problem.

Allows Saving of Selective Files after Recovery

Support All Windows Operating System

VMware Restore application tool support all versions of Microsft Operating System including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, etc. Windows x64 bits and Windows x86 or x32 bits of versions. The software also provide simple and consistent interface platform to restore any type of data from selected VMDK files.

100% Tested, Reliable, and Easy App

Restore Data from Partition or Lost Partition

VMDK Recovery tool support to recover data from lost partition data from any VMware VMDK virtual disk image files to physical storage location. This application also provide separate option to recover data from lost partition and missing partition condition. Partition VMDK Recovery can take few time to restore data easily.

Demo Limitations

Demo Edition of VMDK Recovery Tool allows you to View all Recoverable Data From VMDK, VMware Workstation, Server, ESXi, vSphere, View, and more but unable to save recoverable data.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet the following minimal system requirements in order for the VMDK Recovery Application to function properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to Recover Data From VMDK Virtual files?

Follow Few simple steps to restore and recover data from VMDK Virtual Machine files: -

  1. Get Free Download, install and run RecoveryTools VMDK Recovery Tool.
  2. VMware Workstation Recovery Tool provide option to select VMDK file.
  3. VMDK Recovery Tool provide Valuable Recovery modes, select users according to needs.
  4. VMware vsphere Recovery Tool analysing recoverable data from selected Disk or partition.
  5. Select Required data from the list of recoverable items into software interface panel.
  6. Software start VMDK restore process to recover lost files and folder from VMDK files.

Yes, our software support all versions of Microsoft Windows Oeprating System as well as any operating system virtual machine files to restore and recover data without any limitation. The software easily recover data from selected Windows 8.1.vmkd files to physical hard drive location.

Yes, this software allows you to recover and restore data from any VMDK files without facing any problem. just install VMware vsphere Recovery Tool and selected broken VMDK or VMX files into software panel.

Yes, our software Support all files of created by VMware any version and restore or recover bad or broken VMware Workstation files and VMDK files created by VMware or other application software.

Yes, our software comes with standalone platform to recover data without installation of VMware software.

Yes, the software provide an option to restore only same types of file or data from selected VMDK files with Raw VMware recovery tool.

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