Know Off-boarding of Email from Office 365 to On Premise Exchange 2016, 2013 using Office 365 to Exchange Migration Tool

Karen Chard | October 18th, 2018 | Office 365

In this article we get to know about Office 365 to Exchange 2016 Hybrid Migration step by step. Get a preferred way to bulk migrate emails from Office 365 to Exchange On Premise Server. Migrate Public folders from Office 365 to Exchange Server 2013, 2016 to move a cloud exchange user back to in-premises.

Team in this rapidly changing world we can see a lot of organizations moving emails from Office 365 and returns to on-premises i.e. Exchange Server. In the current form, the on-premise system accepts domains with the Office 365 account.

A Real Time Case Study:

I have a bit of a weird situation. My customer was setup in 365 manually and have existing local AD users. Do you know if it’s possible to link the existing 365 mailboxes to existing users?

I have the accounts linked and password sync working but exchange isn’t able to see the remote mailboxes (EAC only shows the admin account under recipients > mailboxes) and I’m unable to move the mailboxes from 365 to on prem as the exchange GUIDs don’t match.

I’m assuming I need to link the existing mailboxes to local users so they should up in EAC as remote mailboxes and then I should hopefully be able to move the mailboxes (I may need to update the GUID so it matches).

I have existing exchange server 2016 with 300 users’ example domain and our company has bought and this company has 1000 mailbox in office 365 and now how to migrate office 365 mailboxes to exchange server 2016.

Any help/thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  • Jeremy

How to Migrate Office 365 to Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010?

Moving Public folders from Office 365 to Exchange Server is not so easy for the non-technical users. It will require lots of algorithms like user need to enable directory synchronization with password sync to link AD accounts with Office 365 or enable a hybrid configuration with Exchange Server to rich coexistence and provide the ability to off-board mailboxes safely.

To avoid such complexities regarding the Office 365 emails to Exchange Server 2013 one can take the help of professional toolkit. There are large number of Office 365 to Exchange Migration toolkit available in market which lets you to do this. One such application is Office 365 Backup Wizard which allows the batch migration of multiple Office 365 Personal or Admin account into Exchange Server for on-premises.

Office 365 to Exchange Server Migration Tool Free Download:


The software facilitates the users a direct upload of Office 365 mailboxes into Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 etc. The working of this utility is very easy and simplified and can be understood by following these simple instructions:

  1. Install & Run Office 365 Backup Software in your Windows to do office 365 to exchange 2013 hybrid migration step by step
  2. Choose Office 365 option from the list of source email clients & enter Office 365 account login to offboarding office 365 to exchange 2016
  3. The software will start fetching all the items of Office 365 to off-boarding email from office 365 to exchange 2016
  4. Choose Exchange Server option from 20+ Saving list & Enter information in required fields.migrate public folders from office 365 to exchange server
  5. To perform selective backup of mailbox items various filters are also available.Office 365 to exchange migration
  6. Click on Backup button which will initialize the Office 365 to Exchange Migration

As we can see from above that to migrate emails from Office 365 into Exchange Server is very easy and does not requires any technical knowledge. The process is completely secured and application to application migration takes place.

Office 365 to on Premise Exchange Migration Tool – Major Features & Benefits:

When a user takes the help of this Office 365 to Exchange Server Migration software to perform the transfer from cloud to on premise Exchange Server. It provides various useful advantages to its users & some of them are listed below:

  • Migrate Office 365 Admin Account: This utility allows the users the migrate Office 365 Admin account to Exchange Server. After performing Office 365 Impersonation to configure multiple email addresses using administrative account. The Office 365 to Exchange Server migration software only required Office 365 Admin account.
  • Import Emails Along with Attachments: All the attachments that are inserted with the Office 365 emails will be migrated into Exchange server successfully by using this application. There is no loss made in data or its formatting as the utility offers error-free and secured file conversion.
  • Advanced Filters Available for Selective Backup: The software offers various advanced options or filters to perform selective backup. Anyone can set filters by providing values in the fields like To, Cc, Subject or Date and then click on Backup button to perform the process.
  • Easy to Use & Simple Interface: The application proves to be one of the best choices for the non-technical users as it is very easy to use. It provides direct option to migrate Office 365 account login credentials of resultant Exchange Server account and all the data will be easily transferred into it.
  • Windows Compatible Solution: Yes, the software is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. One can easily run it on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. for both 32 & 64-bit OS.

The Verge: This software is designed with advanced algorithms to reduce the complexity during the transfer of mailbox items from Office 365 to Exchange Server. The software allows to solve a large number of queries including:

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