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How to Import eM Client to Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, Zimbra or Lotus Notes?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 07-09-2018 ~ How To ~ 7 Minutes Reading

In this article we discuss about eM Client Converter software for Windows PC. This application allows to import data from eM Client to Thunderbird. One can also upload emails from eM client to Gmail/G Suite/Yahoo webmail. Import eM Client to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 as this application helps the users to create UNICODE PST file by converting eM Client mailbox items.

eM Client is a Windows OS based email application for organizing emails, contacts, instant chat and messaging, tasks, calendars etc. It is designed as an efficient communication tool with many qualities like synchronization with Gmail, Yahoo Webmail accounts. eM Client is very great application but it is not as much popular due to some drawbacks.

Why do We Need to Import eM Client to Outlook?

Outlook is a very flawless in every manner and used for managing personal information but mainly used as an email client. It comes as a part of Microsoft Office package as well individual application. Outlook can also be accessed through Web as Outlook.com is another popular webmail service. Outlook provides more enhanced security functions as compared to eM Client. Outlook protects your email files from junk as well it also has inbuilt email scanner which safes your emails. Therefore, a large number of users are opting for a professional eM Client to Outlook Converter software. We can better understand it from the following query of a user.

I was using the eM client on the computer system. Recently, I purchased a new laptop and I am using Outlook in it. So, now I want to transfer my all emails from eM client to Outlook without any data loss. So, please suggest me a reliable and easy solution using which I can move all my eM client emails to Outlook.

  • Mary Clein, Paris

Why Do We Need to Import Mails from eM Client to Thunderbird?

The biggest problem in using eM Client is that it looks like some expensive to the users. It is not available as a freeware. However, a trial edition of it is available for free with some limitations. But, if you want to access full features and manage multiple accounts one should purchase the Pro version of eM Client software.

This limitation of eM Client has been easily overcome by the help of Mozilla Thunderbird. As Thunderbird is a completely free to use email client service which allows to manage and organize emails and contacts. Thunderbird is also more featured than eM Client including system upgrades, CRAM-HMAC, cross-platform application compatible with various OS. Therefore, a large number of users are looking for the transfer of emails from eM Client to Thunderbird by safekeeping of entire attachments.

Why Do We Need to Export eM Client data to Gmail Webmail?

As we know that eM Client is a Desktop based application but the latest trends of users are recognized towards cloud-based services. Gmail is one such popular email service that can be proved as better alternative for eM Client. Gmail is introduced by Google in 2014 and one can surf it for free on the web. It provides a very large amount of storage capacity (in Gigabytes) to its users. Due to these advantages you must switch from Desktop based eM Client to Web based Gmail.

I have been using eM Client for some time now and also Gmail. I want to start using Gmail only now for the purpose of syncing my emails. I use a desktop computer, laptop, and occasionally a tablet so using one email client will make it so much easier for me.

I have exported emails and folders that I have archived in my eM Client to files using the eml extension. I have also exported all my contacts using vcf extension. Is there any way I can import these into Gmail? I see one can import from various email accounts, but these emails are no longer on the servers. Any help would be appreciated. The only thing I can think of is forward all the archived emails to my Gmail account and then create folders again and file these emails in the appropriate folders. Any other ideas?

I have looked through this Forum but couldn’t find a suitable answer – my apologies if I have missed something. Thanks kindly for your time. I use Chrome as my browser.”

How to Export Emails from eM Client?

One can easily export emails from eM Client as EML files in your Desktop or at user desired path. Just follow these simple steps to do so.

  1. Launch eM Client in your PC & then from File menu, click on Export…em client export
  2. From Choose Actions select Export to .eml files which will export mail messages to a standard EML format. Click on Next button.choose eml option
  3. Select only the required mailbox folders and then click on Next.choose em client folders
  4. At last, it will ask the users to destination location to save exported emails.save exported data

When you successfully able to download EM Client emails as EML files you need to process these emails to achieve your results.

How to Convert eM Client to Outlook, Thunderbird or Gmail Account?

It is necessary for the users to convert eM Client emails in standard format. It helps in import eM Client to Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Office 365, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Kerio, MDaemon, etc. email clients. It can only be done with the help of RecoveryTools EMLX Migrator software which helps the users to export EML files of eM Client to the standard file format supported by above applications. The working of the software is very easy and hence it looks suitable & great for the non-technical users to perform conversion with this application. Just follow these simple steps to accomplish this task now:

  1. Download eM Client Converter from given Download button from below.download
  2. Install & Run eM Client to Outlook Converter software & load folder having eM Client emails.run em client converter
  3. The software will display list of various File formats and email clients. Choose the desired format from Saving-options list.choose saving option
  4. Setup eM Client to PST file conversion options & then click on Convert button to initialize the process.em client to outlook
  5. Analyze Live Conversion process and after successful conversion access the resultant Outlook PST files from destination folder.import em client

Features of eM Client Converter Software:

This eM Client to Outlook Converter software offers a wide range of advantages to the users. Some of them are listed below:

  • Users have choice to export eM Client by folder or by files as the utility provides dual methods to do so.
  • The utility completely preserves the original Metadata and formatting of the emails during the conversion.
  • The software provides a direct way to import eM client to Thunderbird mail client.
  • This single application allows the users to export eM Client data to 10+ file formats and email clients instantly.
  • The software ensures to convert eM Client emails along with all embedded attachments.
  • A list of 10+ File Naming Conventions is provided to the users for the proper management of emails.
  • Users can save the resultant files at their own desired location or folder to easily access the files later.
  • The working environment of the utility is completely free from all virus and malware infections.
  • The software is compatible with all latest versions of Microsoft Windows i.e. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista etc.
  • The software supports all Outlook versions & editions like Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002 for both 32, 64-bit OS.
  • The application will create a UNICODE PST file as well also supports various language character set.
  • Once the conversion process finished successfully, the software will instantly open the destination location.
  • The software provides direct option to migrate emails from eM Client to Office 365 by asking O365 account login credentials.

The Verge: The above article describes the whole scenario about the migration of eM Client to various email clients and file formats. We deal with various queries asked on different forums to get better insights about this issue and its required. Later, we discussed a professional EMLX Migrator software which helps the users to convert eM Client exported emails to Outlook, Thunderbird or Office 365 email client. Download for free this utility and enjoy the limitless conversion by purchasing suitable license.