How to Import/Export Exchange Emails to Thunderbird Mail using On-Premise/Hosted Exchange to Thunderbird Migration Tool?

Karen Chard | December 29th, 2018 | Exchange Server

In this article we get to know about how to migrate Exchange to Thunderbird Mail client. One can easily import Exchange Server to Thunderbird with all mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals etc. This can be done with the help of Exchange to Thunderbird Migration tool which can be download for free from here.

From a long period of time, a large number of users are looking for a way to migrate emails from Exchange Server to Thunderbird email client. Users wants to export Exchange Server mailbox items like Exchange Server 2019, Exchange Server 2016, Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Server 2010, Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2003, Exchange Server 2002 & all previous editions of Microsoft Exchange Webmail or Live account.

Thunderbird is a free & open-source email client available on Windows, Linux & Mac OS device. This email client comes up as news client, RSS, Chat client, with IMAP, SMTP, & SSL/TLS settings. It enables the users to obtain a personalized email address like on the name of your family or your business. It will make you ready to setup & automatically ready to send & receive. It allows an easy & perfect way to add people to your address book simply by clicking on the star icon of email or message. All the message & other data is stored on the cloud while Thunderbird stores it in local storage which is easily accessible for the backup purpose.

How to Migrate from Exchange to Thunderbird Mail Client?

A large number of applications are available for the Exchange to Thunderbird migration in the market. One such application is RecoveryTools Exchange Migrator software which provides a direct option to import Exchange Server mailbox to Thunderbird Profile quickly & instantly. The utility maintains the originality of the Exchange Server mailbox items during the transfer process. It only requires source Exchange Server login details like User/Domain Name, Password & Server Name.

The software supports both Hosted Exchange Server mailbox items as well On-Premise Exchange Server accounts to Thunderbird email client. Users can download or migrate their emails & mailbox folders of Exchange Server to save them at default Thunderbird Profile path. With the help of above video, one can easily Import Exchange to Thunderbird using an Exchange to Thunderbird migration tool. One can easily view or read Exchange Server emails in Mozilla Thunderbird mail client.

Free Download Exchange to Thunderbird Migration Toolkit:


The working of this utility is very easy & simplified for technical & non-technical accounts. User only needed to free download the solution from above which can be used to migrate Exchange to Thunderbird email client. This Exchange to Thunderbird converter software provides advanced solutions to help them into Thunderbird Profile location. Follow these simple steps to better understand the working of this amazing utility:

  1. Install & Run Exchange to Thunderbird Converter software & then choose Exchange Server or Hosted Exchange Server
  2. The Exchange to Thunderbird migration software asks the users to Enter login Credentials like Domain/User Name, Password & Server Name. Users can also login using Exchange Administrator account, which helps them to manually or automatically map mailbox folders of multiple users as per requirements.
  3. The software will start analyzing & fetching of all the mailbox items from Exchange Webmail database in the application panel.
  4. Choose Thunderbird option from the list of 30+ Saving option for the Exchange to Thunderbird migration options.import exchange to thunderbird
  5. The software will display all the Saving option as well click on Use Advanced Settings for Selective Backup for the transfer of selective Exchange mailbox items on the basis of Date Range, To, From & Subject of the server to thunderbird
  6. Click on Backup button to initialize the Exchange to Thunderbird migration options as well as the software will also display the live conversion to thunderbird migration
  7. Once the conversion process finished successfully, a confirmation message will be displayed to open Mozilla Thunderbird or check the converted folder. At last click on OK button to exit.convert exchange 2016 to thunderbird
  8. The software will automatically open the resultant converted file location having all the mailbox folders exported from Exchange Server.import exchange server to thunderbird mail
  9. At last the software will generate a SavingLog report including all the information like Start Date & Time, Saving Type, Selected Source File Path, Folder file Path, Items Converted, as well Status of the to thunderbird converter

As we can easily analyze from above that the working of this software is very easy & simplified. It proves to be a perfect choice for the non-technical & technical users. We can understand the working of the solution step-by-step just by following the above listed simple procedure. The software is capable to migrate all Exchange Server mailbox items like Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Journals, etc. to Thunderbird Mail client.

Hosted Exchange to Thunderbird Migration Tool – Major Features & Benefits:

This amazing Exchange to Thunderbird converter software will proves to be a very beneficial choice among the users. This utility provides various advantages & features of this Exchange to Thunderbird migrator software are listed below:

  • The software does not require backup of Exchange mailbox items in the local hard drive. The software performs direct working of Exchange to Thunderbird mail client by asking the account login credentials of Exchange Server i.e. Exchange Server Domain/User Name, Password & Server Name.
  • The software also enables the users to migrate multiple Exchange mailbox users by providing I am Admin Users can login using Exchange Administrator account to transfer mailbox of multiple users & enabling automapping of the user’s mailbox account.
  • The Exchange to Thunderbird converter toolkit comes up with various Advanced Filters Settings which help them to migrate selective mailbox items. Users can apply the filters on the basis of Date Range, Senders email address, receiver email address, or Subject of the message. Users can also ask the users to Request for More Features…
  • The software will maintain the on-disk System Folder Hierarchy of Exchange Server during the migration of Exchange to Thunderbird mail client. All the mailbox items like Inbox, Drafts, Journals, Deleted Items, Junk Emails, Sent Items, Calendars, Address Book etc. during the Exchange to Thunderbird migration.
  • The software will automatically detect the default Thunderbird Profile & export all the resultant mailbox items at that location.
  • This advanced solution is designed for Microsoft Windows users i.e. users having devices with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS.
  • This utility comes up with user-friendly interface which is very easy to use. Any technical or non-technical user can use this software to perform the migration.
  • The toolkit creates a SavingLog report having all the information like Number of Items Converted, Source File Path, Start Date & Time, Saving File Type, Destination Folder Path, & Final Status of the process.

The Verge: In this article we get to know about how to migrate Exchange to Thunderbird mail client with all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, with all inserted attachments. A large number of users wants to transfer the mailbox items from Exchange Server to Thunderbird Mail client. Free Download Exchange to Thunderbird Export toolkit which only allows to convert first 25 emails from each folder. Activate this utility by entering the proper serial keys which can be obtained by purchasing the proper license from our official page.